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  1. Hi, I would like to get into the multi-player side of Arma. I'm looking for a group that isn't too serious i.e wont burst my ear drums for forgetting something, but also can actually get stuff done while still having fun. Im not new to Arma and have both 2&3, however I haven't played in a multi-player squad before, so I may need some help there. I feel comfortable playing in most roles and feel like I am competent at these things. I have a mic and am willing to download whatever mod/software may be required. I am usually online most days and im probably willing to play whenever. On Steam im LazyGee, so message me there or on here if you are interested/have any questions. PS: I live in the UK so outside of Europe might be an issue with the high latency, but some areas (like East coast of America) may be possible UPDATE: Ive been sent lots of requests, so thank you for all of them. Im going to try one that I think suitable. Please dont send me any more invitations.