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  1. Hi, server, probably could use restart. For some time, one mission is in place and it can not be performed. SEA is in my opinion the best a map where the best feel the climate of Vietnam. Palm trees, rice fields, I like it :). Too bad not enough people to not playing. Perhaps it is precisely because the think there is something wrong with the script.
  2. why the servers are empty? something happens?
  3. hello, what so empty on the server? further been going have any work? Maybe someone knows other sewery where you can play in Vietnam?
  4. Could you tell me what these files do? where they move up?
  5. As for the grass ... I understand, but still, I think that in certain moments is it too much: D can not necessarily grass (grass itself is ok) but other shrubs, which will integrate in August with grass and basically we have only two options in the settings "T" 1 or 2,3,4. Grass and bushes or bald texture. If you are actually in Vietnam as it looked from the bushes is still greater respect for those who fought there. In my humble opinion, it was cool to like that existed have any indirect setting. Which for example. Turns on the grass, but not necessarily as many shrubs. Then the game would be more enjoyable and at the same time she looked prettier than when they are the same tree. Could you tell me what these files do? where they move up?
  6. The game is getting more and more interesting, but I have a small dilemma. I miss the grass: D grass adds a little atmosphere. I know you can change the setting but giving from 1 to 2 suddenly appears behind the bushes with absolutely nothing you can not see and the game is getting very difficult: D no and requirements are increasing a lot. Giving to 1 suddenly have empty spaces: /. 3 and 4, it looks like 2, a shame that there is an intermediate settings after between 1 and 2 Yes teeth, however, some of the grass was, but not with as it is now: D Da Aug. something to do with it? And so at all as you play? with grass or without?
  7. by playing today, I saw a lot of bugs penetrating objects, shadows. I made the map screen to the lowlands on a hill 287. http://www.poreby.net/~maniek/Screenshots/ArmA2OA%202014-08-13%2018-53-18-03.bmp (3797 kB)
  8. And I thought that I me something is wrong with liquidity, dug me today from the server but I do not have Ace hehe, I did not have to answer because my micro probably broke down, I had to write back but I already blew me.
  9. I have ACR, the package was ACR Steam as DLC for OA. It is installed Ok, I already know :) By the way will be for others ... I had a similar situation with other additives, a lot of people have asked about it and yesterday I found the answer on some forum. If it happens so you just have to run each supplement separately, I just ACR has not started. Now that I've done, and already is active
  10. I have a problem, I installed everything but when you connect to the server (map Cao Bang) shows I get an error: "Can not open object ca \ characters_acr \ acr_wdl_pilot.p3d" After pressing OK, the game comes to windows, or start up, but I have the impression that it does not work as smoothly as it should. In mode "armory" is the same map works much better. Is it possible that this error by the game runs less smoothly? So how to solve this problem?
  11. oh shit, I thought of it simpler: / I did not know that I will still needed a amra2 and acr, thought that I just have OA :(. In that case, I must first purchase a rest and maybe I can run it. Thanks for your help, because I'm Polish, and not all understand English perfectly :)
  12. Please help again. After installing the mod happens something like this on the menu, maybe twice succeeded in, the menu worked normally. In the video you can see what I mean, the menu turns on at approx. 1min vid. It seems to me that he has installed and I've done everything right. On the freshly installed AO by stem, installed unsung 2.6 and I created a folder and file uns.txt, as described on page 1. The same AO works normally, but unsung freezes on the menu. What can I do ??
  13. Why after installing the mod. when I go to the game is what's menu freezes every few moments. Practically nothing ever will do. The screen and sound are cut
  14. I installed the mod. Everything works, but when I go to the multiplayer screen image freezes for a dozen seconds and begins to act. When push anything eg. Refresh, again the same thing happens, freezes the image and after a few seconds longer is ok. You also so do you have?
  15. I also want to already fly over A Shau Valley :D