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  1. I cant chat right now, but it should work, thanks...
  2. This is realy weird, the script just stop running after the 3rd sidechat ._. the hints are just a debuggin shit, since it wasnt working, wanted to check where it failed. ( and this is being executed by execVM ) also, UavMove = 1 is for making a condition on a trigger to change, but it donts D: ( is UavMove == 1 on condition field ) _actHad = _this select 0; _actUsed = _this select 1; _actID = _this select 2; _actHad removeAction _actID; [playerSide,"Base"] sideChat "K-40 ababil-3(CAS) sistems initializing, please stand by."; sleep 5; [playerSide,"Base"] sideChat "K-40 ababil-3(CAS) sistems working, doing pre-flight check."; sleep 5; [playerSide,"Base"] sideChat "K-40 ababil-3(CAS) pre-flight check completed, K-40 ababil-3(CAS) is ready to take off."; Uav_cas join createGroup West; hint "1"; sleep 4; UavMove = 1; publicVariable "UavMove"; _cam = [uav_Cam,Uav_cas,Player,1] spawn BIS_fnc_liveFeed; hint "4"; sleep 25; _cam camPreparePos position Uav_Cam2; _cam camPrepareTarget position Uav_targ; hint "25";
  3. Well, its a single player mission ;)
  4. Hey, where is arma sounds? i mean i just need to use a soldier wounded sound
  5. its being run by init.sqf, but i tryed also using execvm by debug console once mission started, and nothing.
  6. Hello, im having a weird issue over here... the command createDiaryRecord is not working for me, its realy weird.... player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Situation","Intel shows that CSAT is moving heavy armor and troops to Altis, we suspect they will attack our bases on stratis.</br> The satellite reveals a <marker name='tank_fac'>Tank Factory</marker> near kavala started to triplicate the tank production, and we believe a high ranking officer is on kavala."]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Signal","1° Me: Fisherman </br> 2° CrossRoad: HQ"]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Execution","Find intel about CSAT attack on stratis, then proceed with opperation Wet Oil"]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Execution","After SDV insertion on Kavala, you will look for intel, and steal 5 CSAT server passwords to low-rank officers."]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Supports","There's a hidden UAV on a civilian house. say: A banana is eating my cat!! i need help."]]; Help me please!
  7. Cant u spawn a AA guy and setTarget & Fire?, when radar is destroyed he dies...
  8. Well, the body detection part is already done, but my problem is really simple, i need to hint how much bodys i found at the moment, but for some reason, is just failing... THIS IS SOLVED :3 i just had to put on init.sqf that officers = 0 feel free to copy this code ;) // These are the special variables passed by the action script. _actHad = _this select 0; // Object that had the Action (also _target in the addAction command) _actUsed = _this select 1; // Unit that used the Action (also _this in the addAction command) _actID = _this select 2; // ID of the Action // Use them to remove the action. _actHad removeAction _actID; // This will prevent other actions from being shown now. bodySearched = false; officers = officers +1; publicVariable "bodySearched"; hint ( str officers + "/2 officers killed"); // And here we complete the task for the player. if( Officers == (count searchAblebodies ) ) then { ["TaskSucceeded",["tskofficer","Find and kill enemy officers"]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; ["tskofficer", "Succeeded"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; ["tskofficer",["Good Job! you eliminated all enemy officers, and found all their access passwords!.","Find and kill enemy officers","empty!"]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDescription; }; init code: // start the briefing. execVM "briefing.sqf"; // body found yet? bodySearched = false; officers = 0; // which bodies can we check? searchableBodies = [Of_1, Of_2]; // This adds the actions. _target is a special variable that means "the thing with the action on it". // The condition at the end means the player won't see the action till the target is dead and the bodies haven't been marked as searched yet. { _x addAction ["Search Body","searchBody.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","!alive _target && !bodySearched"]} forEach searchAbleBodies;
  9. it may work like with hint, you just need to pass getposatl to string hint (str getposAtL " Altitude")
  10. It says: type ==: expected any...
  11. Well i tryed that, but i probably forgot the double == .... thanks!
  12. Well, my issue is simple... i have a lot of unit waypoints and i need to activate them with a script, so i want to use a trigger for that... the idea is that i set a fake alarm on a addAction, and i want the units to move, but i wont be able to do that if i dont know how to activate a trigger with an script...( ik i can just use radio alpha... )
  13. locko1997

    Planting Charges on boats.

    Well, im not actualy good with arrays, so you are saying that if i got boat class X and add them for being detected by array they will be having the addaction init?