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  1. Is their anyway I can use this to save changes made in Zeus mode?

    open Helikopter doors?

    Whats the script to open and close doors?
  3. Whats the classname for the 3D Elcan scopes?
  4. How do I install this without PlaywithSix?
  5. Is their any way for the heli to spawn with the ramp open?
  6. -mod=@Blastcore;@CBA_A3;@alive;@F35;@FA18;@HIP;@USMC;@JSRS;@A3MP;@SFWeapons;@CAF;@Karma;@ASDG;@AG;@mas;@mas1;@mas2;@Nzi;@A10;@SU35;@PMC;@MV22;@marsof;@C130;@A3MPAP;@Clafghan;@fata;@Thirsk;@PLA;@fall;@C17;@RAM the main @folder has addons, keys, mpmissions,alive_logo.paa, and mod.cpp these files are all the files in the addons folder
  7. Hi, I installed ALiVE but when I try to run it I get a bunch of erros like missing WorldCFG, or missising ALiVE_main, ALiVE_sys, etc.

    Operation Blitz

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=236409679 Here's a quick mission I whipped together for Winter Thirsk. It's only an assault on a enemy held factory, and to complete the mission you need to blow up the 3 IFVs.
  9. How do you apply the updates? Do you merge and replace the old files or have 3 different @CAF folders, each one with one of the versions?