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  1. hay guys this is Badger from "Reality Gaming" North America and we are currently looking for some new members. We are a community of about 50+ members and have our own air and armored supports as well as our special forces and Infantry units we use TS and forums, link here-----> www.realitygamer.org come check us out and see if we are a fit for you.
  2. Shadownyte12

    Kryptek Camo and Gear - WIP

    no its not enough he need to know his place, ur work is shit wiercik...his has talent to it. Good work outsyder. wier scrub harder!
  3. Shadownyte12

    Arma 3 EODmydog?

    i was wondering if any one knew where i could find an "EODmydog" version for arma 3 or how to get the old one working on arma 3?
  4. Shadownyte12

    [Mvdd] EODmydog [Module]

    is there any way i can get this to work with my arma 3. it would be AMAZING!
  5. hi my name is badger and im looking for a Squad im 23 years of age and play often in my down time any thing else plz send me a pm. plz squads with mics only!