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  1. Thank! I think that was one of the recorders I was recommended, but I chose to go with https://obsproject.com/ instead simply because it ran very nicely on my system and encoded properly even with many rendering programs open (PS,L3DT,GC2,TB) where some of the most feature rich recorders tended to be a little laggy on playback. This is recorded in 1444p (1920x1200), or my full resolution, the idea being that hopefully even if my commentary is sub-par, the video quality should allow you to see what I'm doing. I would love some advise on the background noise since I can't seem to remove it during recording (computer fans too close), but surely there are some recommendations for an audio filter of some sort.
  2. Hey guys, recorded a simple terrain tutorial for anyone out there who may want to pursue fantasy terrain generation over using existing terrain. Its pretty long, has bad background noise, I say umm a lot, I swear a bit, and I meander and tangent like the Mississippi, but perhaps it will be of some use. I will likely try and re-record later, adding in things I forgot, trying to slim down some sections, and perhaps do a bit of editing, but this is a good first try, and I think its worth putting out there ASAP for the community. I DON'T USE TB IN THIS TUTORIAL FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SHOWING THAT THE TERRAIN IMPORTS! IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A TB TUT, THIS ISN'T IT! Instead I am showing how to work from a blank map to a fully developed heightmap, using GeoControl2 and L3DT, both with free trials available. Looking for all criticism, is my first time recording in this style, so any feedback is great! (also I'm naturally pretty crap sounding, but the head cold I currently have makes me sound even worse, sorry.)
  3. That was me, and I am! Im only covering terrain generation from blank map to complete heightmap for import to tb, im hoping others will pick up from there!
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    That was there before today's update, so not related, no idea what it is though.
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    I just updated my arma tools after being prompted, nothing new as of yet though...
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    Yes I cant wait. I wonder if its 5 years worth of tools... Has the community had any insight into what will be in the package previous to this? I wonder what the original build before all the legal huffuf looked like vs the one we will get. Im just excited at the fact that people have recently been actively developing the tool recently and perhaps we will see some willingness to implement community suggestions.
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    Well impregnate me sideways. Thats an announcement!
  8. Thanks for the links, I'm fairly familiar with the various tutorials at this point, maybe having read or bookmarked nearly all of them from the last 5 years... Problem is I played arma2 only a handful of times, never was interested in doing any content, then arma3 comes, I gain interest, but the tools are still for arma2. I think one day we will get arma3 tools, but I don't want to waste my time learning outdated tools when perhaps in the future we will have far greater ability with a modern editor. We cannot forget how old the current gen of tech is, I can't see any argument to learn it at this point in both the tool, and the current games life cycle. I have had a map transferred in game thanks to zerog, but I'm not interested in playing all too much, empty terrain, out of place objects, etc. For now I will just work with my heightmap, there is a lot of detail that I need to add before I could consider adding anything beyond terrain anyway. The images above were just a render I did for the hawaii idea someone threw out (I believe I saw it multiple times), but I'm actually slowly working away on another project; 1 (203 kB) 2 (363 kB)
  9. I am willing to help with the heightmap section of the project specifically. I'm veryyy familiar with heightmap editing, and can provide a high quality one for the project, but am new to arma editing, and would love to gain the knowledge available by working with a group. I usually do my maps based on fictional locations, but I have just as much experience recreating real world places. Based on the idea for a hawaiin island above, I created a quick terrain to give an idea of a terrain I could provide fairly quickly. album: http://imgur.com/a/nvtWY 1 (220 kB) 2 (232 kB) 3 (263 kB)
  10. http://imageshack.us/a/img153/462/mayx.png http://imageshack.us/a/img843/1508/hiren1.png http://imageshack.us/a/img706/7112/swam.png Like people said, its fairly easy to do everything up until actually getting the damn thing into arma3. We have very few tools and resources which we know are going to be used throughout the life cycle of arma3, so why bother trying to use these older tools to create decent maps for alpha, when we can hone and tune the data we have to be able to create a great map for the full release. Pics are of a project i'm working on, taken to the full 200km2. Now its months of revision before we hopefully get the Visistor 4 editor? (wink wink ... no?)