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  1. Guys, try this mission You will not regret it.
  2. MBlackwell

    DayZ: Hard Corps with ACE

    Does this DayZ mod contain ACE Wounds ??? Would be so awesome dude !!
  3. MBlackwell

    the Memory (Sarge studio)

    So does this work with ACE ?
  4. MBlackwell

    [SP CAMP] Liberation of Chernarus

    Nice, will try ! ;)
  5. MBlackwell

    [Coop ACE] Delicate Balance

    Thx 4 uploading, great mission! ;)
  6. Same happened to me with the Arms dealer and the Warlord ..
  7. "I need a camel that can travel long distances !" ( Sniper Rifle ).. I laughed so hard! :D But anyway very nice mission :)
  8. Finally you got it released. Awesome dude :cool: