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    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Great script idea! I was really getting tired of using notepad++ macros and having them break halfway through the files. Thanks for the effort!
  2. hogscraper

    Community Upgrade Project: WIP thread

    http://www.cup-arma3.org/ This was on this video from the ALIAS channel:
  3. hogscraper

    Community Upgrade Project: WIP thread

    Any info on download size or release date? I tried following the links in the video description but the main one seemed to be down at the moment.
  4. When you run a local dedicated box you have two rpt files. The folder you created that is called in profiles= in your bat file for starting your local dedicated server will contain all of the rpt logs generated by the server.
  5. hogscraper

    GUI add Buttons and Text to ListBox

  6. If you want full access to what you want to save and how you want to save it, extdb is another choice. Takes a while to learn from scratch but its working pretty well for me.
  7. I have it set in my onplayerconnected so that it keeps iterating while{!isplayer _player}do but for reconnecting players only it never shows isplayer _player as true. I put hundreds of while loops like the above in my onplayerconnected, with a bunch of diag_logs inside, and the first time a player connects it passes immediately. On reconnect it just went ten minutes and never found the playable unit with the same PUID as the reconnecting player that was isplayer or alive. I guess what's bugging me is that the first connection is immediately transferred from server to client as owner. Its only after they log out, then back in, that it has trouble. After an extreme test of 10000 lines of while loops its apparent that on first connect it recognizes the playable unit as being alive and isplayer near instantly but on reconnect, the server will not recognize that the player is alive or isplayer until after everything in onplayerconnected has run, which kind of defeats the purpose. This is using the latest dev build. It looks like nothing works between server and client from when onplayerconnected starts and when it finishes ONLY if the player has disconnected then reconnects. Like the server is treating a client differently if they had previously connected but I've never read anything that can confirm that. Maybe I need to just get past that section, THEN find their playerobj, THEN run what I need to. I'll see what happens if I just move players to a debug area from onplayerconnected, and use a trigger to catch when they spawn and from there run everything that was in onplayerconnected.
  8. Hello, I've been playing around with BIS_fnc_addStackedEventhandler and onPlayerConnected/onPlayerDisconnected in an effort to welcome a player back,(among other things), when they disconnect and comes back. But what I'm running into is that when the player comes back, nothing returns the right values. I'm passing along the right variables,(I have tested both name and uid and they both always report the correct values). _playerName = _this select 0; _uid = _this select 1; diag_log format["_playerName=%1",_playerName]; diag_log format["_uid=%1",_uid]; if (_playerName == '__SERVER__') exitWith {}; _player = objNull; _playerCount = {isPlayer _x} count playableUnits; diag_log format["_playerCount=%1",_playerCount]; while{!isplayer _player}do { { if (getPlayerUID _x == _uid) exitWith { _player = _x; }; } forEach playableUnits; }; _ClientID = owner _player; The first time they connect it counts them correctly and everything I've added after that works perfectly. If they disconnect and come back it doesn't count them and always shows _ClientID==0. Anyone know a what might be causing this? I originally thought maybe it was because I was using deletevehicle to remove their corpse from the battlefield but I got rid of that and ran a barebones mission. Nothing but my onconnect/disconnect. Five players on and it shows _playercount==5. One leaves and comes back and it shows _playercount==4 and I can't send any publicvariableClient to reconnected players as it shows their clientID as zero. Any help or guidance here would be appreciated!
  9. hogscraper

    Line Break in text

    I went back and while my code works perfectly for hints, I couldn't make it work for copytoclipboard. I remembered a script I used for exporting all of a designated config file to clipboard and was able to modify it. _CRLF = toString [0x0D, 0x0A]; _array1=["hello","nothing","to","see","here"]; _uid=getPlayerUID player; _cursorTarget=cursorTarget; _typeOfCursorTarget = typeOf _cursorTarget; _hint= format["_cursorTarget=%1%2_typeOfCursorTarget=%3%2%4%2%5%2%6%2%7%2%8" ,_cursorTarget,_CRLF,_typeOfCursorTarget,_array1 select 0,_array1 select 1,_array1 select 2,_array1 select 3,_array1 select 4]; copyToClipboard _hint; while looking at an MRAP in game this is the output to clipboard directly from in game: _cursorTarget=460e2b00# 2357184: mrap_01_gmg_f.p3d _typeOfCursorTarget=B_MRAP_01_gmg_F hello nothing to see here So just place _CRLF = toString [0x0D, 0x0A]; in your script and use that in whatever string you are formatting to force a line break in the copytoclipboard
  10. hogscraper

    Line Break in text

    Don't know if you got that to work, but since I had typed that off the top of my head, I forgot that you have to do the parseText format on the client side, just before the hint. So for getting it formatted server side then having it look good client side: serverside _AOstr = "<t align='center' size='2.0'>Mission Status</t><br/> ______________<br/><br/> Good work squad.<br/> The AO has been cleared!<br/> <br/> Stand by for further orders."; GlobalHint = _AOstr; publicVariable "GlobalHint"; client side "GlobalHint" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_GHint"]; _GHint = _this select 1; hint parseText format["%1", _GHint]; }; Hope that helps!
  11. hogscraper

    Line Break in text

    _AOstr = parseText format ["<t align='center' size='2.0'>Mission Status</t><br/> ______________<br/><br/> Good work squad.<br/> The AO has been cleared!<br/> <br/> Stand by for further orders."]; GlobalHint = _AOstr; publicVariable "GlobalHint"; I have used this in the past to let players know when a mission AO had been cleared. Can't remember where I picked that trick up but I loved since the first time I realized I could format a hint any way I wanted. Text size, color, whatever.
  12. upvoted! Thanks for your help.
  13. I know that I can spawn gear client side. I made the publicvariableserver request to keep the spawning from being able to happen client side and attempting to use BE filters to block players from things they shouldn't have. They've added in addweaponglobal already, so it makes no sense why I cannot add weaponitems from server to client as well. If no one knows how I can just leave the weapon spawning client side and attachments only client side I just didn't want to do that. ---------- Post added at 01:21 ---------- Previous post was at 00:08 ---------- Since I was able to test BIS_fnc_MP and found that BE filters will still kick for addprimaryweaponitem, even if code doesn't exist on client except when delivered from server I added this to Killzone Kid's bug tracker report on incorrect/missing scope of commands. If anything comes from that I will update this thread in case someone else happens along and is having this same issue. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15298
  14. using this code works [[[_weaponitem_one],{_primaryWeaponItem=_this select 0;player addPrimaryWeaponItem _primaryWeaponItem;}],"BIS_fnc_spawn",_player,false,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; using this does not _player addPrimaryWeaponItem _weaponitem_one; execution started by player and run locally player addPrimaryWeaponItem _weaponitem_one; is working fine so I know the variable is formatted correctly and the weaponitem is a correct attachment. I just can't figure out how addWeaponGlobal is even useful or relevant if you can't also attach weaponitems in the same manner.