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  1. steelgrave

    AAF Desert

    Here's hoping he also gets the support and motivation he needs to get rid of those digi green parts on some of the tracked vehicles as well.
  2. steelgrave

    Pinaz's Retexture Project

    Hi Pinaz Great mod - use your Altis F-16 skins. Very much apprecated. Will you be making CFT variants? Also, any chance that we'll see the grey AAF texture used on the UAV on the F-16s? Thanks
  3. steelgrave

    AAF Desert

    Is there a way to change the unarmed y-55 to display the brown digital skin? I prefer the digital skins over the plain ones. For the original green heli I used: [ this, ["indep",1], true ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; It worked relativly well, except that from inside the cockpit it still displayed the old drab olive green colours Great mod BTW - your efforts are much appreciated
  4. steelgrave

    AAF Hellcat unarmed "Indep" camo

    Lols, yeah outside and inside is different - you can still see the solid green from inside, even though the outside is now the camo pattern. Will have a look thanks.
  5. steelgrave

    AAF Hellcat unarmed "Indep" camo

    Works great - thanks. Only issue is that the old skin still shows from inside the cockpit - thought it would be the same from inside as well ...
  6. Hi there How do I change the AAF unarmed hellcat to display the camo ("indep") pattern (as seen in virtual armory), as used by armed and other AAF vehicles? Not a fan of the olive drab ("green"). Tried using setvariable and setobjecttextureglobal but not getting it right. Would appreciated the help. Thanks
  7. steelgrave

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    An easy add-on would have been a Blackfoot version with pylons, maybe even in a black colour scheme ... Would not have been that much extra work, but nice little value add add-on.
  8. Actually, got the desired result by using the ammo slider. Dragging it all the way to empty removes all the weapons from the plane. Useful for training or parked aircraft. Thanks for the reply though Kylania.
  9. steelgrave

    WIP EC145 Pack

    Was hoping to see somebody add this - hope to see it in-game soon.
  10. Hi all I'm trying to use the "This Removeallweapons" command to remove all weapons, but no joy. Also tried the removeallweapons unitname variation. I see there are scripts that could possibly do what I want, or I can try removing individual weapons and their mags, but ideally I'd just like one command in the init field that removes everything. Am I using the removeallweapons command incorrectly? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  11. Really enjoying this mod - been flying for hours. With the future setting of Arma3, is their any chance we might get an Advanced Super Hornet? Thanks
  12. steelgrave

    What exactly is ArmA 3's plot?

  13. steelgrave

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    Ship is looking great. White lines FTW!
  14. Looks incredible guys - Good luck!
  15. Unlucky - Thanks for the response. Suppose I can't complain too much since I now have a ton of "new" vehicles for Arma 3 that work pretty well. Really awesome mod.