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    You might want to make your wording clearer that it isn't for multiplayer use: "It's not possible to use my MOD in private servers without my permission" at the bottom of the armaholic download doesn't really imply this (since it is player-host publicly open without a password co-op mission and not a "private" server ). Oh well, we've all now deleted it since there is no point in using it if we can't spice up the civilian population of our coops - shame but hay-ho it's you mod so your rules. V
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    Interesting addon, however upon using this in a coop multiplayer we all get spammed every few minutes with red pop up text about "donate if you appreciate the efforts" - any way to disable this as it makes the mod unplayable. Cheers, V (image removed as not needed anymore) this type of stuff pops up every 45-90 seconds in game for all players, makes using your mod impossible. Mission is hosted on a local machine (as in player-host) with only a few women down to spice up the civvie population. Doesn;t seem to stop at all, for the full 45 minutes of the mission we all got spammed with the pop up messages constantly
  3. EDIT; After much searching I was able to fix my problem without installing AceX. If the mission file is binarzied, you can't just simply open the mission.sqm, you would have to launch you game with all dependecies enabled (rolling ace3 back to 3.7), open the mission in the editor, un-check the "binarize on save", save the mission, go to the mission folder, open the mission.sqm in text editor, remove the dependency from the addOns and addOnsAuto (renumbing items if needed since you;re removing the ace_sitting item), save the file, close the game, launch without the dependency, go to the editor load up the mission file, check binarize again, and save, and I think you should be good to go. Personally I really don't see why sitting was moved from ACE3 to the silly seperate mod! I thought the idea of ACE3 was to be modular within one mod (as Jonpas a few posts above indicates!) Cheers, V
  4. Hi, This mod looks really promising at breaking up the 'all male civilian population' experienced in arma: also gives options for the lady of our group. However the requirement of TRYK mod is holding me back as that mod is essentially a dead mod due to author losing source files. Is this mod looking at moving away from that compatibility? or is there a chance for a 'lite' standalone version? (equally on a personal note I've never liked the TRYK mod as it adds too much unnecessary - to me at least - stuff to the virtual aresenal) Cheers, V
  5. Gents, I've been trying to work on some new vests for my unit to get away from using reskinned arma 3 ones. However, I'm running into an issue where the vests warp quite dramatically and the shadowing goes to crap. I've tried a different model.cfg and whilst the vest don't warp with it, they are on the floor between the characters legs (and the shadows are still screwed). As such I've gone back to the model.cfg as listed below. Screenshots to show the issue: My model.cfg class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class OFP2_ManSkeleton : Default { SkeletonBones[]= { "pelvis","", "spine","pelvis", "spine1","spine", "spine2","spine1", "spine3","spine2", "neck","spine3", "neck1","neck", "head","neck1", "face_hub","head", "face_jawbone","face_hub", "face_jowl","face_jawbone", "face_chopright","face_jawbone", "face_chopleft","face_jawbone", "face_liplowermiddle","face_jawbone", "face_liplowerleft","face_jawbone", "face_liplowerright","face_jawbone", "face_chin","face_jawbone", "face_tongue","face_jawbone", "face_cornerright","face_hub", "face_cheeksideright","face_cornerright", "face_cornerleft","face_hub", "face_cheeksideleft","face_cornerleft", "face_cheekfrontright","face_hub", "face_cheekfrontleft","face_hub", "face_cheekupperright","face_hub", "face_cheekupperleft","face_hub", "face_lipuppermiddle","face_hub", "face_lipupperright","face_hub", "face_lipupperleft","face_hub", "face_nostrilright","face_hub", "face_nostrilleft","face_hub", "face_forehead","face_hub", "face_browfrontright","face_forehead", "face_browfrontleft","face_forehead", "face_browmiddle","face_forehead", "face_browsideright","face_forehead", "face_browsideleft","face_forehead", "face_eyelids","face_hub", "face_eyelidupperright","face_hub", "face_eyelidupperleft","face_hub", "face_eyelidlowerright","face_hub", "face_eyelidlowerleft","face_hub", "eyeleft","face_hub", "eyeright","face_hub", "leftshoulder","spine3", "leftarm","leftshoulder", "leftarmroll","leftarm", "leftforearm","leftarmroll", "leftforearmroll","leftforearm", "lefthand","leftforearmroll", "lefthandring","lefthand", "lefthandring1","lefthandring", "lefthandring2","lefthandring1", "lefthandring3","lefthandring2", "lefthandpinky1","lefthandring", "lefthandpinky2","lefthandpinky1", "lefthandpinky3","lefthandpinky2", "lefthandmiddle1","lefthand", "lefthandmiddle2","lefthandmiddle1", "lefthandmiddle3","lefthandmiddle2", "lefthandindex1","lefthand", "lefthandindex2","lefthandindex1", "lefthandindex3","lefthandindex2", "lefthandthumb1","lefthand", "lefthandthumb2","lefthandthumb1", "lefthandthumb3","lefthandthumb2", "rightshoulder","spine3", "rightarm","rightshoulder", "rightarmroll","rightarm", "rightforearm","rightarmroll", "rightforearmroll","rightforearm", "righthand","rightforearmroll", "righthandring","righthand", "righthandring1","righthandring", "righthandring2","righthandring1", "righthandring3","righthandring2", "righthandpinky1","righthandring", "righthandpinky2","righthandpinky1", "righthandpinky3","righthandpinky2", "righthandmiddle1","righthand", "righthandmiddle2","righthandmiddle1", "righthandmiddle3","righthandmiddle2", "righthandindex1","righthand", "righthandindex2","righthandindex1", "righthandindex3","righthandindex2", "righthandthumb1","righthand", "righthandthumb2","righthandthumb1", "righthandthumb3","righthandthumb2", "weapon","spine1", "launcher","spine1", "camera","pelvis", "leftupleg","pelvis", "leftuplegroll","leftupleg", "leftleg","leftuplegroll", "leftlegroll","leftleg", "leftfoot","leftlegroll", "lefttoebase","leftfoot", "rightupleg","pelvis", "rightuplegroll","rightupleg", "rightleg","rightuplegroll", "rightlegroll","rightleg", "rightfoot","rightlegroll", "righttoebase","rightfoot", }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sections[] = {}; sectionsInherit=""; skeletonName = ""; }; class Osprey_CR : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_GP : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_HMG : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_M : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_MGP : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_P : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_RA : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; class Osprey_SLP : Default { skeletonName="OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[]= { }; }; }; Any help on this is appreciated as I'm pretty stuck on this and can;t figure out any way of getting thigns working as they should. Cheers, V
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    Vest warping / shadow layer off

    I've tried painting the weight to all blue, however it doesn't seem to have changed anything in terms of warping/distortion? I'm not 100% when it comes to o2 so I could be doing something wrong though! V
  7. 53_valantine

    headgear and vest always on the ground

    Sorry for replying in someone elses thread: however Im after exactly the same fix - care to share? First time making 3d models and have quite a nice vest made that simply sits on the ground! Cheers, V edit: so, managed to figure out how to open property: ctl+1 autocenter is on 0 canocclude is on 0 canbeoccluded is on 1 However they still appear on the ground rather than in the currect place
  8. Halloween Thunder - part 2 will be on our server at 20:00 GMT Server IP: TS channel: Mods required: 140mb (available as 53rd Public Server pack on PWS) Community base addons shacktac fireteam HUD Shacktac Stamina Bar Task Force Radio Zombies & Demons Mission INFO: Operation HALLOWEEN THUNDER - part 2 Communications all over Altis are failing; with confused messages and panic spreading rumours like wild fire. Contact with the World Health Organisation Task Force has been lost and AAF High Command has declared martial law. We are looking at some sort of mass panic event fueled by the recent disease outbreak within the island chain. 2nd Platoon A Company 1st Altian Guard Regiment - you are placed on immediate notice: as orders come in you must react to them and the changing situation upon the Island. Mission ASSETS: 2nd Platoon A Company 1st Altian Guard Regiment Platoon HQ - 4 men Alpha Squad - 8 men Bravo Squad - 8 men Charlie Squad - 8 men Delta Squad - 8 men Cheers, V
  9. Public Operation HALLOWEEN THUNDER - 30th & 31st October 2015 20:00 GMT (London time) onwards Dear All, The 53rd are hosting an open Halloween event on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 20:00 GMT. This event is open for all 53rd members and public players. It is a CO-OP Survival mission to follow the Halloween theme: it will be game-mastered by a 53rd member who will be creating the objectives and giving everyone a challenging time before they can finally attempt an evacuation of the cursed island. In order to participate you will need a small mod collection found through play with six here: https://play.withsix.com/arma-3/collections/1Bql6ZOgpUGEAmvtbBIA5Q/53rd-Public-Server-Pack or direct PWS download here: pws://?c=1Bql6ZOgpUGEAmvtbBIA5Q This pack is 140mb and consists of the following mods: Community base addons shacktac fireteam HUD Shacktac Stamina Bar Task Force Radio Zombies & Demons You can join us on our TS channel here: Both nights should prove to be entertaining: just make sure you bring a spare pair of underpants! Hope you can make it! Any questions please feel free to contact me via our forums found at www.53rdairinfantry.com Cheers, V Mission INFO: Operation HALLOWEEN THUNDER Recently a fungal disease broke out in the small Greek Island chain of Altis and Stratis. Despite the best efforts of the Greek medical teams and a World Health Organisation task force the disease has both spread and mutated. The patients display severe rashes before entering a high fever. Once the fever starts it is rapidly followed by liquidation of internal organs and bleeding from the orifices. Worryingly the disease has not stopped at killing its victims: shortly after death patients reanimate as mindless killing machines. The more recently a victim has reanimated to more rapidly it can move; so be extremely vigilant of the freshly dead. Early encounters indicate that the reanimated can be stopped by conventional weaponry, with headshots the most efficient method. We do not know why this is happening: as a small Police unit we have limited assets to deal with this situation. It is vital we scavenge supplies during this operation as we cannot estimate how long it will take us to reach the evacuation zone: if it is still standing. Mission ASSETS: Precinct 99 Police Force Captain: .45 ACP SWAT Officers: MX 6.5mm Assault Rifle Police Officers: Sting 9mm Submachinegun Police Medics: 5.56mm Assault Rifle Police Marksmen: .44 Ruger Rifle Doctor VIP: Unarmed Cheers, V
  10. Halloween Thunder is about to go live on our server: All welcome! V
  11. All shots taken using the following mod collection: pws://?c=HOa1g-CiT0Wt1B2sChRjIQ
  12. The SERVER: The 53rd Air Infantry server is now publicly running modified Dynamic Combat Generator missions, originally by Sensei. The server is based in the UK and is kept upto date with the latest STABLE build of ARMA 3. It is a teamwork focused server that encourages working together to accomplish dynamicly generated objectives whilst managing civilian approval and the ensuing reprisals for maintaining a poor relationship with the locals. And of course: our server rules are pretty simple: GENERAL RULES: No Cheating/Hacking/Griefing No Spamming Comms No Teamkilling / Asset Destruction No Lone Wolves - Work Together No Recruiting for any unit other than the 53rd REMEMBER: This is a CO-OP server so work together for mission success! MODS: The server now REQUIRES the following mods: CBA - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 Task Force Radio - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23615 ACE3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28557 TEAMSPEAK: Our Teamspeak 3 server is also available for those playing on the server: Teamspeak address: STATS: Additionally the server stats can be tracked here for those interested in such things: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ CONTACTS: And any comments / Queries / Ban Appeals etc. can be posted on our forums as a guest here: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Jagdgeschwader53/index.php?showforum=6 The server is administrated by 53rd Air Infantry members. The server is also battleye protected. 53rd Air Infantry
  13. This post has a few updates: Our official campaign now sees us deployed to Bornholm fighting against a Russian invasion by the 76th guards air assault division. One of our new members is going to be doing some live streaming of official missions on Sundays at 20:00 London time - these can be viewed here: http://www.twitch.tv/darkcityxx Missions are also on Tuesdays at 20:00 London time with additional evenings being available for play on our public server or drop-in training events. We are always open for new members who wish to be involved in a mature, teamwork focused, co-operative unit that values comraderie and enjoyment of the experience. For more see our website at www.53rdairinfantry.com Our Public Server is now running a modified version of the Dynamic Combat Generator mission and as such is now running with the following mods: CBA ACE3 Task Force Radio Please feel free to jump on there and on our teamspeak to take part. Cheers, V
  14. We are a well established group with a strong, friendly, community feel having operated together within the IL2 flight simulation series since 2006, branching out into ARMA in an organised way during the ARMA 3 Alpha. We enjoy the realism aspects of tactical combat operations and as such have a rank and award structure to recognise individual progress. We operate a meritocracy that concentrates on teamwork, dedication, training and communication. We are a Battalion based upon teamwork, however there is also discipline, to us this doesn't mean calling one another by virtual ranks or having members try their best Gunnery Sergeant Hartman impression on new recruits - to us discipline means to be organized, to do things correctly, and to achieve unit cohesion. Throughout your virtual career you will be subject to the rules and regulations contained in the Soldier's Manual and on this website. They will guide you through the complex processes involved in participating in an on-line virtual Battalion, as well as clearly setting out the parameters, responsibilities, and possibilities, inherent to your designated rank. Whilst we have an organisational and rank structure we do not pursue the "hardcore milsim" aspects of making members refer to one-another by rank, sir, or other titles. Ranks within the 53rd are earned through both individual progress and by holding certain rostered positions. This is to ensure a clear command and control chain both within and outside of mission. Communication within the group is of most importance. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate during our missions and practices. This is an essential part of being able to operate as part of the team. As ultimately our emphasis is on teamwork and co-operation as a realistic combat unit: pursuing the hobby together to both achieve mission success and enjoy sharing the camaraderie of an organised group. The 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry is a fictional, non-national Battalion that operates as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisations Coalition Organised Operations Partnership or NATO-COOP for short. This means that whilst we are not tied to an individual nation we do primarily play as part of the Blue Force using weapons, vehicles and other equipment consistent with that alliance. We also believe that one of the key strengths of the ARMA series is how the developers embrace the modification community; with this community of modders providing new factions, weapons, vehicles, equipment and even terrains for the ARMA 3 engine. Because of this we also embrace the use of mods: operating our own 53rd Mod collection available through the Play With Six network. If after reading this you think we are the right group for you and that you will be a good fit for the group; we welcome you to complete an enlistment form. If you are still uncertain, perhaps jump on our teamspeak when we are hosting public sessions where your questions can be answered upon meeting some of our members. V Valantine Zimmermann Commanding Officer 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry www.53rdAirInfantry.com
  15. Nope, all of your units are showing on IND for me with this latest release. Previously there was a mix of OPFOR and IND as I was using two different ones to simulate drug cartel conflict whilst BLUFOR (my unit) performed objectives against both factions. V EDIT: Shots from the editor: Appreciate the mod and the effort that goes into it! V
  16. Thanks for the update however it seems to break missions using the mod - seems that you've moved some forces that were previously OPFOR to IND. Cheers, V
  17. Hum, personally I'd rather the dialog in my face then this system. However if we aren't going to get the option of an agm styled interaction menu can there at least be a more intuitive approach for treating other's wounds (the static list for self interaction seems to be somewhat better), bigger icons/catchment area and less clutter? It currently feels like the menu is there to interrupt what I want to be doing rather than helping me do it - especially having to patch up a buddy in the heat of combat it all moves around far too much and is extremely difficult to hit tiny icons and go through the submenus. Also, please don't take this as me getting shirty with you (as other than the menu ACE3 is looking fantastic) however reading through this thread there is quite a bit of criticism of the menu and its difficulty of use for various reasons. Sure you can't please everyone and you want to make ACE3 its own thing rather than a spin together of various team members' previous mods however I think on the menu issue you might be in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater with how useable agm's static rose system was. Cheers, V
  18. Having tried ACE3 unofficial for several days now (and taking onboard suggestions in response to my previous post regarding difficulty using the menu - such as enabling cursor in interaction menu and enable list mode) I still think this menu layout is a terrible design decision that is an exercise in frustration without adding any 'realism'. AGM is/was WAAAAAAAY more intuitive and sensible - the current ace3 menu seems arbitrarily difficult to navigate and use simply to slow things down in some sort of faux-realism. Please, Please, Please reconsider this menu system: and if you really must insist on keeping this 'design over function' approach to the menu at least give us the option of having an AGM style one that we can actually use. Other than the menu ace3 is looking great and a massive step forward for ARMA3. Cheers, V
  19. Just gave this a try since AGM is discontinued. Generally like the feel of it and it seems like it is a worthy follower of ACE2. My only complaint is the menu system - is there any chance of a 2D system like AGM's as this 3d one is clunky as balls to use? - Honestly feel that if the 53rd adopted this that several of our chaps will shy away from providing buddy aid simply because the menu is balls hard to use without your view flopping all over the place! Cheers, V
  20. Dear All, Two important things of note: First up is that we have streamlined the process for new recruits. Instead of the old, rather convoluted method of filling an online form before subscribing to the forums all new enlistments will sign up and submit directly on the forums to not only speed the process up but also hopefully prevent some of the issues we have experienced with delayed responses to applicants and some technical issues. Secondly: The 53rd has launched its own 40 player Public Server based in the UK. We are currently running an edited Invade and Annex Altis mission on the server and are working on creating a decent rotation of co-op teamwork, objective based missions. You can find the server stats and details here; http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ We also have our TS3 channel available for people on our public server which can be found here: And of course: our server rules are pretty simple: General Rules: No Cheating/Hacking/Griefing No Spamming Comms No Teamkilling / Asset Destruction No Recruiting for any unit other than the 53rd REMEMBER: This is a CO-OP server so work together for mission success! So, feel free to jump on the 53rd public server, check out the website, and sign up for the 53rd! Cheers, V
  21. Nikolay, Same here unfortunately. I'm not going to hold my breath for an update either since the initial post points out that this project is no longer being maintained. As such I'm currently looking at what Arma 3 standalone maps are available. V
  22. 53_valantine

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Having the same issues with the chaps above: the latest update has reset the keys to default which I am currently unable to change anywhere. V
  23. Very sorry to ask however I've been trying to get it resolved myself for a couple of days now - how do I change the config to allow surrendering on the Playwithsix download version? I've added in a copy of the config.sqf from the armaholic version and have ensured that -noFilePatching is disabled: however it doesn't appear to have changed anything? Sorry for asking, I've just exhausted all other options and am going around in circles now! Cheers, V
  24. 53_valantine

    Arma3 Videos

    Short spectator cam of convoy ambush cleanup:
  25. www.53rdAirInfantry.com NATO-COOP Unit Recruiting Now Hi all, An update to let everyone know that next week we will be hosting some public co-op sessions - both modded and un-modded and you are all most welcome to jump in! Feel free to jump on the 53rd TS: info can be found on the website to click and connect! watch this thread for more information and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop by our forums! We may also be interested in doing some objective based team versus team games in the enar future: so please feel free to drop me a message here or in the public area of the 53rd forums if you fancy getting something together with us. As a group we have been around for nearly 10 years through various sims, as such we have a lot of experience in co-op teamwork gameplay. As a CO-OP group we play objective based co-op missions within a narrative campaign: at present we have just deployed to Thirsk Island where CSAT forces are attempting to deploy ICBM systems to threaten western cities. We have 30 members with official mission nights drawing in between 15 and 20 members from across the globe. Our mission times are Tuesday and Sunday at 2000 ZULU with additional training and public sessions hosted on other evenings. We have recently begun work on a new training programme to ensure all new members are familiar with the way we operate and can easily slot into the team. Don't worry though: you won't be shouted at, treated like a child or be asked to pick a leaf off of a distant tree - we are a relaxed milsim unit who are looking for like minded people to share this game with. You can also find our one click collection mod pack on playwithsix to make joining up with us even easier: http://www.53rdairinfantry.com/mods.html We hope to see you dropping by to join up with the 53rd soon! Regards, V