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  1. hi, i got a problem ... yesterday my friends and me got banned for 14 days because of teamkilling... so its a long story about a great evening. i have to tell the hole story. but first sorry for my bad englisch .. i am from germany :D so we were a group of 6 people and had a lot of fun ... what a great game !!! ... ok we started builing a huge base and had a lot of fun while defending it ... we also bought together a radar and found an AMMO truck ^^ that was great to defend ;) so than a player from our team started to destroy our base and took everything away ... .. and also took our ammo truck ... we talked to him... but he didnt realized it. after about 30mins .. he took our hole base to build his own .. while we were defending the rest of our place ... so one of us said in ts ... we should change team that we can kill him rightly without teamkilling ... but a teamchange isn allowed .. its ok ... than one of us said we have to kill eachother and punish us so we re getting kicked and can join the other team ... the only thing we wanted was judgement ... we wanted to kill him and fight to get our stuff back ... so we started to kill eachother and punish us ... so we could change and wanted to start a convoy to attack his base ... BOOOOM Kicked Banned !!! =!=!= WTF :(((( so i am sorry that we used this way for something forbidden ! that is not normal that we do something forbidden ! So could you pls unbann us ?? we were playing on #6 .. our names are Phil Apfelsaft Dog Streitzig ... we 4 guys ... shame on us .. we did this ... soo SORRY for that but the name of the player i forgot. BUT now it comes ... i have everything recorded ... the next days a 3 hour base defending with alot of deaths and fights will be released on youtube ;)
  2. one question to get six launcher able to join sa-matra servers ;) ... i only see this ***** servers from 404 ... can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong .. like this mod soo .. play all the time ;) i installed the file from mega .. but only see 404 -_-