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  1. It would be possible. However, between work and getting my quals I don't have a whole lot of time to work on this mod let alone porting it to linux. Once I finish the next update (started working on it again this week) then I might reassess that stance.
  2. Most of the code involved would most likely not be difficult to port over to linux, I also would have to find an alternative of the winsock2 library for windows, and I also have not had any experience with linux library extensions.
  3. For now you can change this by modifying "fn_BASIX_INIT.sqf" lines 414, 463 and 470 from: _reason spawn BASIX_BAN_ADD; to this: _reason spawn BASIX_KICK_ADD; I am currently working on a re-written version that allows you to change this in the configuration
  4. BASIX is designed to run on a dedicated server, if you are referring to the admin mod I suggest you disable the mod when not in use
  5. The link you provided is to a clientside mod, everyone who connected to your server would need to have a copy installed, hope that helps. Best Regards, jacob88
  6. Hi there, I see a few errors in there related to BASIX's main config file specifically this line ["DM4_Complex_p28.Stratis.pbo,"BASIX.pbo"] it should be structured like this ["DM4_Complex_p28.Stratis.pbo","BASIX.pbo"]. Secondly I see your server has loaded BASIX's administration addon, this is supposed to only be loaded by the clients connecting to the server. The third problem I spotted seems to have just appeared in one of the previous updates, there seems to be a rather serious error with the waitUntil command and I will have to see if I can come up with a temporary workaround, I have created a bug tracker here: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20438 As this error is due to a game bug, it will likely need to be corrected by the devs before I can offer you any kind of useful solution. However, I can assure you that I am currently in the process of completely re-writing BASIX from the ground up to be more effective, secure and easy to configure. Best Regards, jacob88
  7. You need to delete the file called "BASIX.pbo" in your addons folder, Hope this helps
  8. Hi there, firstly thank you for your interest in Basix. However, unfortunately BASIX is not currently supported in a linux environment, I do plan to implement a version for linux distros but currently do not have any experiance coding for linux. The project is coded in C++ though, so it should theoretically not be to difficult a task to port over. I hope this helps.
  9. I would suggest you start your server with a password, load up the mods you want to use and attempt to join the server alone, each time it kicks you off it will give a reason in the log like this, [[30/6/14] 23:8:55]: jacob88 (12345678987654321) Has Been Banned For: NonWhitelisted Classname (My_Legit_As_Classname) Or this, [[30/6/14] 23:8:56]: jacob88 (12345678987654321) Has Been Banned For: NonWhitelisted Addon (My_Legit_As_Addon.pbo) Classnames get added to "_Setting25" like this, _Setting25 = ["My_Legit_As_Addon.pbo","Another_Legit_Addon.pbo","Someother_Addon.pbo"]; And addon files get added to "_Setting23" like this, _Setting23 = ["My_Legit_As_Classname","Another_Legit_As_Classname","Some_Random_Classname"]; To prevent BASIX from actually banning you from the server I would suggest you add your UID to "Ban_Whitelist.txt" in the "BASIX_CONFIG" folder, it will still kick you but you can simply rejoin the server afterwards. I know this can be complex to setup for the uninitiated but once all the configs have been configured BASIX will offer a high level of protection to your server. I hope I have done a better job of explaining things, please feel free to ask anymore questions you may have.
  10. To add classnames of the mods you allow on your server simply alter "_Setting25" as necessary, e.g. [[4/7/14] 13:20:31]: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, (YYYYYYYY)-NonWhitelisted Classname (Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers) [[4/7/14] 13:29:35]: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, (YYYYYYYY)-NonWhitelisted Classname (CALanguage_missions) [[4/7/14] 16:34:15]: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, (YYYYYYYY)-NonWhitelisted Classname (Extended_EventHandlers) [[4/7/14] 19:40:8]: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, (YYYYYYYY)-NonWhitelisted Classname (vts_weaponresting) Would look like this in the config file _Setting25 = ["Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers","CALanguage_missions","Extended_EventHandlers","vts_weaponresting"]; Doing this will allow clients to use mods you trust on your server, simply rinse and repeat for any extra classnames you come across. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi there, Firstly if you find that you are having trouble with the teleport detection, (which has been the main source of false positives) you can disable it in the config file "fn_BASIX_SETTINGS.sqf" inside the folder named "BASIX_CONFIG" in your server installation folder, simply scroll down to where it says "_Setting11 = true;" and change it to "_Setting11 = false;". For the second problem you likely saw something along the lines of the following [[21/6/14] 6:2:55]: 12345678987654321, (jacob88)-CheatEngine Modified Config (RscDisplayInventory) This form of detection is triggered when a specific part of the clients config file is different than it should be, the only logical reason it would be like this is if the clients config was intentionally altered by either CheatEngine or a custom clientside mod file. I hope this helps solve any issues you are having, please feel free to ask any more questions if you think of them.
  12. Wow nice work looking at this now, thinking about how I could integrate this into my AntiHack
  13. The current version was made simpler due to time constraints, new features will be added hopefully with the next update
  14. the @basix_admin folder has to be added as a clientside mod to function, not on the server. Did this solve the problem or is it something else?
  15. Your admin list should look something like this, [["123456","SuperAdmin"],["123456","Admin"],["123456","Moderator"]] If you are having issues with the CheatEngine scan you can disable it on line 59 in the config, the CheatEngine scan will not kick people for going prone as it is only activated by pressing the inventory key, if this is the story he gave it's more likely it was not a false positive. However, saying this please remember this is an experimental feature. The teleport scan is notorious for false positives for certain missions such as Altis Life, it can be disabled on line 41 of the config. If permanent banning is disabled, BASIX will default to a method of temporary banning a player until server restart where it is cleared. As a result of this feedback I have tried to simplify the config explanation, and players will now get kicked for teleporting rather than banned.