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  1. Maybe I'm phrasing my google searches the wrong way, but how can I create replacement addons? I am not interested in retexturing existing ArmA 3 units, but creating units with customized load outs so that I do not have to "removeallweapons this", "removeallitems this", et cetera, every individual unit in a mission. How do I make a .pbo that, when loaded, adds a new faction (or at least new units) with the weapons and uniforms I want?
  2. applejaxc

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Why can't you make a hotfix or something, so people don't have to re-download the ENTIRE map with an update?
  3. Holy Christ I can't wait for this! XD
  4. applejaxc

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Finally! No offense, but BI's decision on dragging ArmA into a not-quite-a-desert, not-quite-a-forest setting was a real bummer for me. As cool as fighting for Kavala is, the med-terran lost its excitement really quickly. Time to battle Russians in Denmark!
  5. ...the CSAT look a little too modern. The BLUFOR look silly juxtaposed with CSAT in this mod; the former wears silly outfits that provides zero camouflage and the latter look like a bunch of well-tanned NATO. I'll definitely be using the replacement pack, though! It'd be nice if someone could make a layman's tutorial to changing configs. I've always wanted to change the NATO and CSAT to use weapons from Massi's NATO/SF or the FHQM4 pack so I could play the campaign without cheating in mod weapons that had too small of a caliber to be useful.
  6. applejaxc

    Speed Of Sound

    Am I the only person getting an error like "Cannot play mission, content deleted by XXX SpeedOfSound issues" ? I'm trying to replay the A3 campaign for youtube and it's a pain in the a*s having to play allll the way from the beginning of a mission back to just before I died and hit record like nothing happened. It's absolutely worth it (the missions are short and this mod is great), but I'd like an ETA on that and the Scorpion Evo getting fixed.
  7. applejaxc

    Middle East Irregulars

    Exactly why I'm having trouble enjoying ArmA 3. If I wanted to fight futuristic super-soldiers I'd be playing Battlefield or some other FPS.
  8. applejaxc

    Enhanced movement and more

    Whenever this is released, please make the different parts seperate; I'm really interested in the parkour abilities, but I'm not interested in the melee, eating-drinking, reverb, etc; I have other mods for that I don't want to conflict.
  9. Hi. I'm going to start off by saying I don't like the MX family of rifles. They're giant, ugly blocks of crud. I haven't liked them from day 1. I'm also going to start off with saying that I DO NOT WANT A GUIDE ON CHANGING A UNIT'S GEAR IN THE EDITOR. I already know how to "removeallweapons this; this addweapon X, this addmagazine X,Y" What I want to know is how I can globally change what a unit has equipped, so that in single player missions (such as the Survive Campaign, or downloaded missions) I can have, effectively, any weapon I want by modifying BluFor NATO Rifleman to always spawn with (insert class name of something from a mod pack), instead of his MX rifle. It wouldn't add new units I can spawn in the editor, it would replace the config of the default unit. I understand I will need some manner of extracting/repacking the .pbos. Which .pbo would I need to extract, and what in which would I need to modify? (and I hereby release everyone from any possible legal action therein related; I understand fully that in so modifying I will effectively void my ability to play multiplayer in so long as I have the modified files and that it is my own responsibility if my copy of ArmA 3 is damaged)
  10. applejaxc

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been waiting for this.
  11. applejaxc

    RH M4/M16 pack

    On Armaholic, this is marked as a "Operation Arrowhead" mod. I'm REALLY glad I noticed its pictures on the front page and realized it was mislabeled.
  12. 1: The model creation end isn't what I want to be concerned with at the moment. I have a friend that's great at the sort of thing. I have no preference for any 1 program; I'm inexperienced and unbiased enough I'll use whatever someone offering to help me is familiar with. 2: The reason I'm going here instead of youtube is because I'd rather have the ability to ask someone in Skype a direct question that google/youtube around and waste time finding the answer to a question I'm too inexperienced to phrase correctly.
  13. Hello! I'm going to start off, before I get to what makes this mod idea so interesting, by admitting that I am 99% new to the addons creation process. I've ripped open .pbos before and played around with 3D models in blender and other programs, I've taken a look at the weapon config variables for ArmA 3, and I'm relatively knowledgable when it comes to computers and computer-work. I'm eager to learn, and this is planned to be as much of a cooperative work experience as a mentorship. I'm more interested in learning than getting to slap my name on an addon and releasing it to the internet. Obviously, whomever helps me will receive credit as well. That being said, the mod I want to make (and the title is a work in progress) is the "Alexander Arms Addon" <--- see that alliteration? Yep, the 3A mod for A3! For those of you who don't know, Alexander Arms is a company that is famous for AR15 modifications. Namely, and these are the rifles I'm interested in for the addon, they're the Alexander Arms Beowulf and Genghis, a .50 and 5.45 Russian rifle, respectively. The reason I want these are simple: 1. The Beowulf would be an effective, lightweight alternative to tackling light-armored vehicles. The rifle, which (not counting ammo) weighs almost the same as a normal AR15, would (with some well-aimed shots) be able to disable a Hunter, civilian vehicle, or helicopter rotor. The drawback to the rifle being designed to fire .50 cal while keeping the dimensions of a .223/5.56 rifle, however, means that the Beowulf fires unnecked, straight rounds the length of a 5.56mm bullet. Due to the civilian-market orientation, the Beowulf is sold with the same magazines as the normal AR15, meaning it only has a capacity of 10-15 rounds. Obviously the military 2035 version would be more accomodating. 2. The Genghis is not only lighter than a MX rifle, it doesn't look like an ugly yellow block and fires 5.45 Russian, a bullet renown for its armor-piercing capability. We're talking similar, if not better, penetration than the 6.5mm Grendel (I don't know for a fact) in a much lighter package. 3. The weapons look and operate like very popular American rifles, and thusly come ready to attatch US/NATO-standard attachments. 4. Easy to modify preexisting free BI-released models. So who wants to teach me to make a weapon addon, and then work with me to get these two weapons in game? After that I'd also like to include some Russian revolvers that fire shotgun shells/slugs/frag rounds/penetrators/etc. The Russians make some scary revolvers. The easiest and most responsive way to contact me is at IttyBitsby(at)gmail.com I'm also on the DayZ forums under the same psuedonym, Applejaxc
  14. Well if you want to REALLY get creative, regarding the "DO I make them a unified body?" question, what you could do is have 2 factions that work together but are at-odds with one-another. Examples would be the European superpowers (France, England, etc) start arming themselves with H&K/etc weapons and decide to model their joint military in one fashion while the smaller nations (Poland, Sweden, Belgium, etc) get pissed in the years leading to 2035 for not being represented in the EU very well, and decide to wriggle as much lee-way in the corps as possible. They use 7.62/5.45/Russian-inspired weapons because they don't want to use the rest of the corps' weapons and can't afford to innovate or go in another, more expensive route. While the superpowers section of the corps uses small 4-man squads and tight, 16-man platoons the other faction (again, inspired by Russia) supports a more conglomerated, "EVERYONE SHOOT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!" structure. The conflict of interests leads to some of these small countries to band together and eventually you make a campaign in which there's a European war...?