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  1. Why not have options for the amount of islands there are in the game say 36 to 100 and have more than one enemy carrier why not up to three at a time. I am thing of games like home world where you have plenty of options like this.
  2. Yes I think the enemy carrier strategy still needs to be looked at even when it comes to island type he chooses when defending a group of his islands seperated from the rest, anybody else would of changed the island types from factory all to defence immediately making the hole group deadly thus buying him time to counter and attack some of your islands somewhere else.
  3. After playing the game for sometime now and have found that the Islands them selves are getting too easy so I would like to see more walrus with anti aircraft weapons, weak Islands with walrus's with lasers normal Islands with quads strong and very strong with flak and deadly with missiles it makes sense because most of us use manta's when attacking the Island's to begin with and I never see any walrus's on Island's defending with these weapons. Also shield boosters, scramblers and firewalls with some sort of shield (but allowing walrus's to pass through it to hack them if you wish) round them their selves because its to easy to just take them out with something like three rockets.
  4. Still finding some bugs that have been annoying me such as when both carrier's are in battle while passing by each other they can get locked and nether I or the enemy carrier can move but only shoot at each other, its a good that I save it just before a battle with him or I would of lost a lot of game play its happed about five time since i've been playing with the new patch. Their is also the fact you can both still pass through each other in combat which doesn't make any sense, you could have it so you bounce off each other and loose a bit of energy at the same time just like you do when you ground your carrier. I also still get manta's getting stuck on trees and hills and the lighting thing is a nuisance in battle as it gets that bad you cant see what your doing but apart from that I've really enjoyed playing the game even before the bugs where getting fixed and fixing the bugs only makes a great game better so good job and keep up the good work.