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  1. Real helpful, would have never thought of that. Now, seriously, when it is selected it loads up all the settings to max, and get around 25-30FPS. Now, has anyone come up with tweaks that perform better than the auto's to get things at least up to the 40's or so? I can drop the AA and the like that does a decent job, but looking to see what others might be thinking as well.
  2. Quick Question: Has anyone figured out what the optimal settings for 4K displays is yet? Running a new screen now, and I am pretty sure I have the horsepower, but still want to be sure. Currently using a 3820 with 32gb of RAM, SSD, 2xTitan SLI.
  3. PantherAl

    The AAF Tank is freaking amazing!

    Not really, no. The Merk 4 was given some features that allow it to survive longer in MOUT, deletion of the loaders hatch being one, but its not a Urban Specific track. Mainly a case of the lack of elevation its weapon systems has. What Merkava line is, is a Tank that can head into a city and have a decent chance of coming out the other side, has a huge focus on crew protection, and the ability to carry on board enough Ammo to handle swarms of enemy armour on a reasonably open battlefield. For an Urban Combat Track, what I would argue for would be the Namer, with a high elevation RWS with some sort of GMG, or even better, small caliber autocannon: 25 to 35mm, perhaps, with a second RWS with a 30 cal MG. And *plenty* of smoke launchers.
  4. PantherAl

    Arma 3 Vram usage?

    I've hit 4.8gb once, when fooling about at the highest possible settings, with tons of AI (Basically spammed about 120 inf on each side with about 20 vehicles each at under 500m range from each other) having at it on the Stratis Airfield. Was only getting about 3 frames, as my CPU is only a 3820 - and lightly oc'd at that. I would second the calls for better CPU: When I built my system I cheaped out on the CPU slightly in order to get a Titan SLI setup, which in hindsight, I would have been better off with a 3970 and one Titan. :)
  5. Wish I had some pics PC: Only stuff I saw was back during my time in the Cav when we used SA stuff as a wild card to trick up know it alls. South Africa has come up with some really good stuff that only in the past 6-10 years have really got the accolades they deserve (MRAPs are by and large a South African invention decades ago that is copied by one and all now days). Personally, the Rooikat and G5/6 are personal can't wait to see items... even if I have been on the receiving end of Iraqi G5's: most annoying when nothing you have has the range to hit back.
  6. PantherAl

    Tanks are... Kinda weak...

    I seem to have missed the traffic in this thread, but yes: To get room for passengers in the Merk, you do have to give up Ammo. Nothing is for free in the AFV world. I would love to see however the TC's MG, The Co-Ax, Mort, and the external co-ax modeled though as they are a big part of what makes a Merk a Merk. I'll disagree with those that say the Merk isn't the most well protected Tank out there (I do think it is), I will agree that the level of protection is sometimes overstated to a fare thee well.
  7. I'd kill for a seperate CV90 pack that included all the actual and proposed varients. I *love* that thing. :) I'll agree on the MTLB though: Just because most soviet stuff wasn't the greatest doesn't mean that they didn't have a winner now and then, and that track is most assuredly a winner.
  8. PantherAl

    Searching for TrackIR5 ArmA3 profiles

    The weird thing is, is that I have better luck with the basic clip as shown in Dale's post, than the fancy powered pro version.
  9. PantherAl

    Over Hauling Vehicle Ammunition and Loadout Option

    DL the FA18 mod: They have that all built in. :) It works like you wouldn't believe.
  10. The latest beta drivers as of 10/3/2013 seem to have an issue with Arma. Installed them, and could not get Arma to run at all. Kept crashing before I even get the splash screen. Uninstalled, and everything is back to normal: so be warned, this batch you might want to skip. :) Hardware in case it matters: 3820@4.3 Titan SLI 32gb RAM. Never had issues before this, so I believe its pretty much the drivers are not very good for us.
  11. I second that motion on the F/A-18 Mod: that thing is the gold standard as far as I go. :)
  12. Not saying we don't: we've had TA missiles long before the Javelin. Heck, the Swedes Developed the Bill back in the 70's that was the first ever Top Attack Weapon, and we copied it into versions of the TOW2 not long after. But most systems are still direct attack because of cost/design reasons: its just easier, and cheaper, to design a accurate weapon that goes right at the target. After, who cares if you are 10 metres long or short? The tank is still in the way of the Missile. It wasn't until the 90's that guidance systems started catching up with the accuracy demands that a top attack system requires.
  13. Absolutely: Top Attack is the wave of the future. There is no way you can armour the roof of an AFV enough to proof it against even medium sized ATGM's. Too many hatches, optics, sights, you name it. You can make it durable, proof against near misses, but that's it. My beef with IFV's in general, is they are too lightly armoured, and by and large, trying to do too many things in one platform. Take the Brad (Please!): Its a light tank, when its not a tank destroyer, when its not an APC; and to get a full "squad" in it, and the missiles, and the cannon, and the ability to swim, they had to make to make the armour a joke. Sure, later models added armour at the cost of swimming and added weight, but still. To be a proficient Bradley crew, you have to know not only how to deliver troops, but also how to support troops, how to stalk tanks, how to perform recon, all that. Its silly. When attacking a town, you can't lead with MBT's since a Tank in a urban battlefield is naught more than a tasty target to skilled defenders. Main Gun can't elevate enough, for starters. Big, Bulky, and Heavy as well. IFV's, therefor, are trained to attack the town (At least the cannon can elevate as high as needed) whilst the tanks provide support by fire. All good. Just hope you killed all that AT in town though: As the Israeli's discovered the hard way, you can shoot all the arty you want: the AT always survives, and will eat light armour up on the approach to the outskirts. That's why they went into Heavy APC's in a big way, starting with modified Centurions and T55/62's. They also believe adding all that firepower to an APC is asking a crew to try to do too much, so all they gave it was 1-3 RWS's. Once they saw the T55 based HAPC's work, and work really well, they went for broke with the Namer: Or Panther as we call it in ARMA. Heck, the Lima Army Tank plant got a contract back in 2010 to produce some for the IDF since the Israeli factories was swamped with MkIV construction. I do know back in 2012 the US Army played with a few to see if we wanted to buy them as part of the GCV program, but since it falls into the NIH syndrome, I doubt anything will come of it. If you have to have an 'traditional' IFV, go with the CV90. It doesn't bother with ATGM's, and while a little shorter than a brad is a little bulkier. Which is used well, as its protection level - while being amphibious - is equal to or greater than the uparmoured Brad. Also, it actually has all the room you can ask for when it comes to infantry capacity in full battle rattle, and has a pretty darn good gun: Bofors 40mmL70. Dual Purpose, and has that oh so lovely 3P round that not only has a prox fuse for AA work, a contact (With optional Delay) for bunker busting, but allows it to do Direct Indirect Fire (Basically, lase the crest of a ridge, punch a few buttons, and it will fire a three round burst set to airburst 5-25 meters behind the crest, and about 5 metres over it. Hills no longer provide good cover. ;) But that's not the best part: The best part is unlike say, a typical Heavy Cav Troop, where you have umpteen different vehicles, none of which shares parts, an entire family of tracks: IFV, APC, Command Post, ARV, FIST-V, SPAAG, SP-Mort (120mm Double Barreled Semi-Auto Morts to boot), 105mm Light Tank, 120mm Light Tank, and a FDC. And they have done mock ups of 155mm SPG's, and ATGW platforms. You can equip an entire division with nothing but CV90's...
  14. Light armour? Sure, I buy that. The Brad's armour is a joke, and a bad one at that. Traditional IFV's was a dead end path for AFV's anyways. But when it comes to heavy MBT's, I would say the proof is in the pudding. No verifiable kills of M1's through the front slope has happened, same goes for the Merk, the Chally, or the Leo2, which has seen service in the rockpile. Granted, only the M1 and the Chally has taken fire from Main Guns, And only those two and the Merk has faced top notch ATGW's. Now from the sides, or the underside, sure. That's doable. And has been done many times.
  15. PantherAl

    Breath holding and using TrackIR to aim

    I loved my TIR for a while - but now for some reason it spazzes out when I look right, and then shoots my view straight up. Getting very annoying - to the point I stopped using it. Which is a shame, as I *really* liked it.