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    Career interrupted

    Hello TechNiVolt, I'm afraid that there isn't solution for that. I did the career two times and always happen the same, so be careful to follow the career straight. I recommend you to do the career first, and the external missions after, otherwise you may have problems to follow the career from the middle. For example, now, the second time I passed the game I don't have available the last missions of military service, when the first time I was able to do it. I suppose the problem comes from the internal game sequence, we can't do anything to fix it.
  2. Aleshkian

    Career interrupted

    I tried, but the mission that appears is just the next one, that I've already done it. I think that I've restarted the career, keeping in the list the missions done. Don't worry, I will follow from that point, I just had done two or three missions, doesn't matter to repeat it. Thanks for the help!
  3. Aleshkian

    Career interrupted

    Hello, thanks for the response. Yes, I do see the missions in the list. I repeated the last mission (golf tour) because I thought that doing that, the next would be new, but, once finished it, the history continues in the point between two first missions! very strange thing... And if I click on "continue" in the "heliport" mission, the same point explained opens. Also, the first mission of Asia appears two times in the list (like I was two carrers running).
  4. Hello, I repeated one of the first missions in the career (the tour with your brother around Seattle) and then, when I try to continue the career at the point that I ended (the golf tour) I cannot, the game makes me continue from the first mission. Is there any option to make me the way back to the last mission completed? Thank you.