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  1. Hi SaMatra, First of all thanks a lot for the great mod! We've been playing on arma2.ru wasteland a lot, and also tested the other variants out there and it's clear your version is superior to the others. I've got a couple of questions/problems though: 1) Is there a reason why arma2.ru servers seem to have lower framerates than other wasteland-variants, for example sweclockers? The difference is quite noticeable. On my (oldish) i7 i get around 20-30FPS on arma2.ru, while on sweclockers it's around 40-60FPS. Is this due to the mod itself, or is the server HW not powerful enough? (it seems arma2 client FPS depends on server FPS also) 2) "microstutter" or what do you call this. I've read the thread through, but haven't found a solution to the stutters that happens on arma2.ru -servers. The stutter happens every 10 seconds and it lasts like half of a second. I haven't had this on other servers, and i have no clue where this comes from and how to fix this. Any ideas? Seems like this stutter isn't present always, though... or atleast the stalls the stutter causes are shorter or something. 3) Game time sync: we usually play as a team of 3-7 players. We've noticed many times that the game time isn't synched between clients. Some of us might have complete darkness and nighttime, while others are running around in broad daylight. In many cases the changes comes to everyone within minutes, but sometimes someone remains "in the dark" for a longer period, while others already have the sun up on the sky. Is this a known issue? Thanks again for everything, keep up the great work! -V- Slayer