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    Interactive Intel Items

    He probably just wasn't paying enough attention. I'll test it again after I fix the other thing with someone else and have them watch out for it. Thanks again for all your help, that should be all I need to get this in full working order.
  2. MyNameIsViolet

    Interactive Intel Items

    Thanks Larrow, that worked out fine, the whole team gets the Intel now. I wasn't told if it popped up a "New Intel" hint thing in the top-center of the screen by the guy I tested it with like it does for the person picking it up, but he wasn't aware he had gotten it until I told him where to look for it. Would I just need to add a hint command to the script for it to make that happen for everyone? One weird thing I noticed though, when facing the Intel and opening up the Action Menu, there are two entries for "Take Intel"... any idea why? They both disappear once you pick it up, it's just a bit strange.
  3. MyNameIsViolet

    Interactive Intel Items

    Thanks Larrow, I'll give that a try tomorrow. I'm a noob to Arma coding, but that looks like it'd work out from what I've gathered of it so far. I'll post an update as to its success when I have some results.
  4. MyNameIsViolet

    Interactive Intel Items

    So I used this in a multiplayer mission to make Intel items give an intel entry, using F2k sel's code. The Intel object functions correctly, however, only the player who picks up the item gets the entry, and the mission relies on the entire team getting the entry in their briefing screens (since the mission doesn't use tasks, but rather Intel to guide the team on what to do). It wouldn't be so bad, but if the guy that picked up the Intel gets gunned down immediately after picking it up, the Intel is basically lost and the rest of the team will have no idea he found it or what it said. Any idea on how I'd fix that so the entire team gets an entry for the intel? I was thinking it would involve that createDiaryRecord code, maybe syncing it to the intel object, but not exactly sure how to implement that. I'm very new to editing missions in the Arma series, forums have helped a ton so far, but this is the last thing I need to fix to make this particular mission perfect.