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    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Ahh I know JessicaAlba. Yes the servers need better admins not little prick children. On Arma 2 Wasteland the EvilPutz servers were the best IMO. The Admins were friendly and helpful. I plan on hosting my own server when the full maps for Arma 3 come out.
  2. nik655

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    So the word on the street is that Arma 3 beta is coming next week? SaMatra What is your plan for updating Wasteland to the hopefully arriving new map? Kstati, ya neznal 4to ti Ruski!
  3. nik655

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Indeed, but it should take more than an hour to build a base otherwise the time you have left to use it makes it not worthwhile. If it takes 3 hours to build a base, considering most people wont play for more than 3 hours at a time, it becomes pointless to build bases.
  4. nik655

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Considering servers restart every 8 hours (at least in arma 2) you need to be able to build a base pretty quickly to make it worthwhile.
  5. nik655

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Been playing for a bit and have the following comments to add: 1)Tow limit shouldnt be reduced to 1 that would make collecting materials too difficult. Increase the time between allowed sales from vehicles. Maybe 5 mins? 2) Agreed with Skyline, items pickup ranges need to be lowered to within a few steps of the item. 3) Increase range of interaction in the gunstore as it took me a good min to get the sweet-spot will keep a look out for more bugs and things. Keep up the good work Samatra! I wont play any wasteland other than your's! ---------- Post added at 13:51 ---------- Previous post was at 13:49 ---------- Is there a plan to add building materials for underwater bases when they are added into Arma 3?