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  1. Well, its been a LONG time since I have last posted anything, and I will give you the short version of a very long story. Around December, I had NEARLY finished this addon, and it was absolutely beautiful. I had gotten all the kinks worked out, the model was finished, I had gotten ASDG on it, the texture were finished and looking great, and I had accurately created several ammunition types, including the standard 150gr SpitzerBT (Or just Ball ammunition), 230gr HPBT, and the 85gr (formerly the heavier, more inaccurate APCR/HVAP) Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot, which is just basically a somewhat long 4.318mm lawn dart (Although it could be a little thinner) seated in a plastic carrier which has aerodynamic spoilers on the side. I also recall having a AP round, but I had phased it out in preference to the APDS, as well as an AP-I round, which I couldnt quite get to the realism I wanted, as well as tracers, and I think I dabbled around a little with more exotic ammunition like frag, frangible, HEIAP, and others. I think I only had APDS, Ball, Tracers for various types, and HP for the main release until I could work a few more exotic but real rounds in my personal experimental version. Anyway, shortly after Christmas, I had began getting a LOT of problems with my junky HP. When I first got the damned thing, about 3 months in it started having problems, eventually leading to it not booting up and sounding an alarm which basically said that something was wrong with the motherboard or RAM. This, in short, progressed with me sending it back multiple times in a year, which, when I did that they increased my warranty time to two years, then on the last problem they outright lied and said they would not fix it, and that I had to buy a $50 set of disks that will "fix" a new problem which I developed from what I believe was a problem with the mother-board that corrupted the HDD. These disks then had a program on them that wiped them clean after their first use, as I found out later. Anyway, it lasted for a couple of years, and then the rarely used HDD started getting physically corrupted, and it eventually caught flame, and since I cant buy a new HDD without buying a new OS (thanks to OEM), not to mention the damage to the MB, the PC is now gutted for its PSU, RAM, CD drives, as well as my aftermarket GPU, and is sitting in my back yard as a rifle target. It is safe to say that I learned a lesson and am now storing all of my work on ASUS webstorage at regular intervals, which I think I got 100gb free for life with my mother-board. Any bit that I did store from previous versions is obsolete. As of now, the model is mostly done, with a few anomalous vertexes that need to be took care of, with redundant parts being singular as to make it easier to texture. The muzzlebrake and soundsupressors are, respectively, not finished/not to scale, and not finished/stand-in for a better model. The magazine is meh, but I suppose it will do. The textures are non-existent, pending on when I have time to do it and the patience to deal with it. Sounds are also non-existent, and may be reused, but they are nowhere near the quality of the version that I had lost. Coding is pretty much at the chicken-scratch level, and I may reuse some info regarding ammunition from the old addon, but I do have a lot of calculations finished for the APDS and Ball variants, as well as part of the config finished. At any rate, the model looks good, and thats a step I suppose considering all the crap I went through with HP. Here is some pics- On a side note, since this is no longer complete, Id like to request for this to be moved to the WIP forum section, as I am unsure, but somewhat positive that I myself can not do that. Maybe it doesnt necessarily need to be moved since there is a much older variant that can still be downloaded, but I dont really know. Suggestions are welcome, especially since I can not figure out how to get rid of that awful looking anomaly where the stock connects to the grips. I have done a lot to try and fix it, and I know that I have a fair bit of vertexes there, and it does have a fairly smooth transition. It just seems to like it there.. maybe it wont show in game, too early to tell. I might end up removing the ergo-grips on the side, but, whatever. I also had my M-1 model very close to completion, but I lost everything about that, so, that ship might have set sail, its hard to tell if I will ever re-build it. You could say that that project is MIA/probably KIA.
  2. Well, for one the 7.92x57 has much greater stopping power than the 7.92x33. To extend the term "stopping-power", I would use the cavitation that both bullets would cause, and all bullets, when relating to cavitation, are greatly affected by mass, diameter, material, design and velocity. I am not sure on the mathematical statistics, but with more mass, at the same diameter with the same velocity and the same material and the same design, which would be accurate in comparing a 7.92x57mm round to a 7.92x33 Kurz, you will always cause more damage to your target via cavitation than you would the Kurz. At the same time, more mass at the same speed/design/whatever would also mean less penetrating power, hence why a lot of AP rounds you will find will have a tungsten carbide core surrounded by a light metal, eg- aluminum. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HVAP#HVAP). I will admit that yes, using the 7.92x57 JS would be quite inaccurate in an assault rifle, however, we are not using a run of the mill weapon from 1942, neither are we also using a weapon from 2014, nor are we using the same cartridge. The original cartridge is outdated by almost a hundred years, and, for example, if I used a modern powder of the same weight in an old mauser, I would blow up the gun, as modern powder is much more explosive than previous mixtures. You could also match this by asking yourself, would I load C-4 explosives into a M-4 or any modern handheld weapon? To counter recoil, there are several different methods, as for the gas chamber, which can add to the recoil (eg- the AK-47), I am sure some more intuitive design or manufacturing process that would make everything run smoother, and require less force to operate the bolt can be found. Also, you will not find many assault rifles with some sort of active recoil dampening eg- pistons or springs, the most you could get with say, an AK-47, is to install a better butt pad and a muzzle brake. The way I have it figured out, is that 2 long screws/pins/whatever hold in the butt-pad, and of course, the pad attaches to the stock, but there is also a piston, or possibly two smaller pistons, attached in the dead-space between the walls of the stock to the butt-pad itself. You remove the butt-pad, which also contains these pistons, and practically the whole entire weapon system is fitted into the stock without many screws, if any, and moves freely back and forth without the butt-pad to hold it in the forward position. When you fire, the whole system independently moves inside the stock, to only have its rearward energy dissipated by the pistons, similar to the Barret 82A1. At the same time, it may even be possible to completely remove the gas chamber all together. (Granted, the current barrel model does not have any sort of muzzle-brake. As it is still a WIP model, Im still making modifications to it all the time.) As for using Mauser as the manufacturer, well... anything can happen in the future. I will go on to say that I may, after I make final touches to the rifle I currently have, which who knows when especially with the task of texturing, that I may make another weapon of the same make, probably a carbine, that will use the 7.92x33mm. As I have mentioned in another post, the 7.92x33, being lighter, would make a fair bang and it might actually have better armor piercing qualities than the 7.92x57.
  3. Updated it, added a suppressor and ASDG support. Fixed some minor things and may or may not retexture the gun on my own. Fixed some small things. Tweaked initspeeds. Added ball ammunition that I had forgotten about, new pics.
  4. I have been out of the loop recently pertaining to all mods in general for arma 3, but after looking at ASDG, I will probably be adding it shortly as well as a supressor for the weapon. @ Kilroy, I am looking at making a couple of differing variants of the rifle, the lighter 792x33 might make an appearance, being lighter, it may actually make a better penetrator than the current AP variant that I am using.
  5. Alright, havent made any posts in a long while, and more importantly, I have not updated my previous project, the M-1 (Here), for a long time. Since first releasing the M-1, I have been toying around with various projects, including an attempt at a VTOL attack vehicle, which, is beyond my ability and I am still leaving it up for grabs if anyone capable wants the model, and several other projects, which I have not finished any and were mostly conceptual weapons, either of pure imagination or inspired by real life works of genius. I have learned many things along the way, and about four months ago I started on this little contraption I call the Mauser M-20/35 Sturmgewehr chambered in the very powerful 7.92x57 Mauser cartridge (and is partially influenced by the Steyr AUG, but is mostly of my own imagination). Fortunately, the standard Mauser 8x57 round has plenty of charts detailing its ballistics and performance, unfortunately, I like having more than just pure lead all the time, and would much rather have other loadouts like hollowpoint for CQB or where I dont want to shoot through walls, and AP for general purpose, as well as the API (White Phosphorus tipped) loadout more commonly seen in aircraft when it was originally used, and of course, standard Ball w/ Tracer. Its unfortunate because.. well, the information for such loadouts is not readily available, so the ballistics for this weapon may not be very accurate according to RL standards as I have improvised while using the method (and charts) that I have learned about shortly after setting the M-1 aside, here, that I literally had no idea existed, so, hopefully, its really really close to the real deal. http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a627/jmccather/arma32014-06-1223-05-09-51_zps6bc9b7be.png?t=1402633251?931 (650 kB) (Just skip to the next para if you dont want to read about techie stuff) So, yeah, enough with the boring stuff. Cool stuff- I also want to say, before I provide the link, is that I SERIOUSLY suck at texturing.... I mean... I suck BAD imo. So, I would really apreciate it if someone would be willing to texture it. Just PM me and Ill send you a copy of the base model. Feel free to modify the UV-map as you like, I will admit that I took shortcuts and placed similar faces right on top of eachother. I really dont want to have to put a license on this addon or the model that I am willing to give out to you all. Just please do not modify my work and claim it as your own. (After completing the sound suppressor, which I actually think I did a fair job on, I may actually attempt to retexture it and make it look a whole lot better than what it appears to be right now. However, I will still gladly accept any help pertaining to that.) So, without further adieu, The M-20, Alpha v.2 Note: Requires ASDG Joint Rails found here. (Refer to changelog as to why I will not make a seperate non-ASDG version) Version: Alpha v.2 Note, this is still WIP Installation: Just extract this with WinRAR or something else to your Arma 3 directory in "C\Program Files <(x86 <(if you are on a 64bit)>)>\Steam\Steamapps\common\Arma 3" and enable using either a mod enabler or through the "Expansions" tab in the Main Menu. There is a box in the editor under "Empty\Ammo" that you can place that contain 200 of each mag, 25 guns, and some odd number of accesories. PROS- Powerful fairly accurate man stopper kills armored dude in around 2 hits, maybe 4. Unarmored in one hit center-of-mass did I mention powerful? various loadouts Cons- Can carry generally around 10-15 mags (wo/backpack) depending on how much you take of each, even less if you take only API (my attempt at balancing the gun). Recoil Is not accurate at full auto is about a yard long CLASS NAMES Weapon: rr_M20 SoundSuppressor: muzzle_M20 box: Mauser_M20 mags: rr_20rnd_792x57, rr_20rnd_792x57_T, rr_20rnd_792x57HP, rr_20rnd_792x57_API, rr_20rnd_79x57_B Edit: CHANGELOG ************ Alpha v.2 ************ Alpha v.1 Initial Release Bugs- Bullet Cover wont animate firelightDiffuse? TO DO- Possibly redo stock, will probably redo other misc. comp. including the exterior parts of the reciever minus the bolt, slide, etc. Need to redo textures, inspired by the better looking textures of the sound suppressor, will still accept help if offered Need to tweak bullet ballistics as I find more data and do more math to figure out it's modern day equivalent in terms of speed due to increased pressure/better powder Will eventually make several other versions, WAY on down the road. Need to add misc. components to barrel Eventually figure out the business with the bullet cover that, no matter how I go about it, will just not work. Probably a stupid mistake I looked over somewhere....
  6. If you are talking about a cinematic camera, there already is one in the game. In the mission editor I believe. However, if you are talking about a RTS mod/RTS camera mod, it would be "possible", but I seriously doubt anyone would make anything like that. Arma is supposed to be a FPS mil-sim, not a 3rd person RTS, aside from that, the PC that would be used to zoom that far out would probably crash and burn. You are talking about 270 square kilometers of Altis.
  7. I am looking for anyone/a group of people who may be interested to finish a couple of projects that I either could not finish or did not have the time to. The two/three projects in question are pretty much conceptual, but I would love to see them in game. 1. 8 Gauge Combat Shotgun (I really don't have a name for it)- I built this weapon from the ground up in practically seven or so hours, but it works beautifully and as intended. I still need to balance it, and finish some ammunition types, and change some other physical things, otherwise, it is a great all around close-mid range weapon, with shitty textures of course by yours truly. Would need texturers for this gun. 2. Conceptual VTOL- I also built this entirely from the ground up (at least the model) and have been attempting to get it working by using several examples for nearly two or three months, but I simply do not know enough about vehicles to actually finish it. I never really did get to completely finish the model, and due to lack of knowledge, I know that I have not completed or have the proper memory points, etc. This vehicle also needs textures. Again, I would love to see this in game, but unfortunately, I took a bite too big. I am really not willing to shelf this one nor continue beating my head into a brick wall. (sorry for the music in the video, put it in for a couple of friends.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/mesdeyhja2642qt/gunship.jpg Would need texturers/modellers and config writers/coders 3. Gauss rifle/coilgun- Many of you probably know of the rail-gun the US navy is researching.. well, this isn't it. This weapon is based partly off of fact and partly off of imagination. In the 60's (80's?) a Russian scientist named Bondaletov built a coil gun (or a weapon that accelerates a slug through an electromagnet rather than by rails, generally using capacitors) using a single stage coil (or just one, giant coil) to accelerate a ferrous ring weighing 3.0g(?) to about 5000m/s. Unfortunately, information on this is either unavailable or vague. My Arma 3 Coil-gun uses a similar approach, but has the added advantage of advanced tech like mini nuclear power plants and superconducting capacitors that hold enough energy to blow up ten city blocks. This weapon fires super fast, heavy shots at a low fire-rate. Fortunately, the slugs are pretty damn heavy, balancing it out in how much you can carry. I have seen a slug impact a clay wall, going through two or three buildings, and pop out on the other side. Because of this, I am debating on whether or not I should release it due to this power, but, I will accept people who are willing to texture it just in case. Would need texturers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4194e4nry4xlb5w/gauss3.png
  8. redryder

    Upload Map as PBO vs. Folder

    Doesnt it autopack the mission to PBO when you hit "Save As" in the editor and select "Export to Multiplayer"?
  9. @LJGibbs- Thanks! The part that isnt loading... well, im not entirely sure what is wrong, no matter what texture I apply, it is still lighter than the other parts... I may take some time to make rvmats for it.. I think it has something to do with that. I would love to UV unwrap it so I can atleast have a good go at getting rid of the imperfections that gizmo has, but no matter what program I use, it just simply does not unwrap properly. I did though, just read about a very powerful unwrapper, Im hoping that once I get it installed, that it would actually unwrap this damned nightmare. Hopefully, with that and the rvmat files, I can get rid of glitches/imperfections like that, until then, it is what it is. For the sounds though, I wanted other people's opinion, and frankly, the old gunshot sound was pretty grainy. I will look into boosting the bass and the gain of the new one, though. @d0kefish- Thanks for your offer, but Id rather texture it myself.
  10. Yes, would you ban someone and report them for "hacking" if they were voted as the admin? Not only do you have the voting issue, you also have the fact that, not every hacker is going to gain access as soon as they log in... it just is not practical. It would be much safer for the hacker to wait for, say, thirty minutes, then enable the hack. So, instead of banning the actual hacker, you are instead banning AND reporting someone to the FBI for something they did not do. This is not an effective way for banning hackers. Also, how do you suppose the FBI would consider this to be hacking your PC? They are not stealing anyone's CD key... hopefully, anyways. They are not using a trojan to actually go into your PC.. they are merely hacking a game that places a whole lot of critical scripts onto the individual player. The FBI will not do anything to script kiddies. They only go after those who try to actually gain access to your PC using trojans, worms, etc. Besides, whats more important? A credit card number/social security number, or the sanity of gamers?
  11. Just added it in. 25 of each weapon, 50 total, with 5 of each attachment, and 200 of each ammo type. Fixed laser, I had originally fixed it days ago, but forgot to pbo it.
  12. Tracer is tb_8rnd_762x63_T_Enbloc... it always has been. I will eventually add it to an ammobox, but virtual ammo box works fine with it atm. Edit: It is tb_8rnd_762x45_T_Enbloc, not entirely sure why I did that.
  13. Updated to version 1.4 @theplato, Yes, it was a little large, I admit, I have been more worried about functionality than looks at that time period, I have made it slightly smaller though. However, it is larger than the EBR because it is larger than the EBR. The EBR is technically the same thing as the Mk. 14 EBR. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M14_EBR vs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1_garand The Mk. 14 is 35 inches long with an 18 inch barrel. The M1 Garand is 43 inches long, with a 24 inch barrel. Also, the reciever size is not exactly an accurate way to determine length, considering that the M1 design is seventy years old, that the M14/Mk. 14 EBR was originally designed to be fully automatic, and there is also the fact that the M14 was designed 20 some years after the M1. While it is based off the M1, it is not entirely the same. It is also difficult to compare the two when it is impossible to measure the EBR in game, however, you can measure the unbinarized model of the M-1. The M-1 happens to be 1,126mm long, or 1.126m. This would be about 1.126 "square lengths", as I call them, in O2. In the recent update, I have tried to get them around 1.2m, and, it does appear that I have. Without the bayonet, the rifle is just above the player's waist, and that should be about 1m. At any rate, I have added in the new sounds, some errors with the reloading sounds though. I have also adjusted the reload time, though it seems a little fast. There does appear to be a problem with the config file for the old M1, I had removed the closure sounds from both the config and the directory, but the config is reporting that it can not be found. I will fix it when I have the time tommorow though. I am still having problems unwrapping the model for uv mapping, even 3Ds max is having trouble unwrapping it. At the moment, Im still using gizmo mapping. Yes, there is a hole in the stock, I figured that, hey, its 2035, and this should probably be lightweight.... well... I think I may remove that hole.
  14. tb_arifle_m1garand is the class name of the rifle. The ammuniton is as follows: Ball ammunition: tb_8Rnd_762x63_B_Enbloc. Tracer ammunition: tb_8Rnd_762x63_B_Enbloc. It optimistically will work in virtual ammo box. If it will not, just simply add it in by placing the proper remove commands and add commands with the above class names in the init section of the unit you are placing. As for the sounds, they are a bit more complex than cut and paste. You may pm me with the sounds if you like, and I will see about putting them in. As of now, im working on a "New" model.
  15. Ok, update version 1.3 ALPHA out. Fixed problems with ammo in the new build. Added attachment support, albeit I am working on another version that has the hardware for attachments. Added new reload sounds for people to test rather than listen to it. Now working on an M-84 scope and a M-1D, which is fitted for this scope. Also working on a year 2035 edition of the M-1 Garand, as stated above. I will also make it a priority to get the textures mapped right through UV-unwrap in 3Ds max. Download location remains the same: https://app.sugarsync.com/iris/wf/D1008464_77238913_678423