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  1. sgt_kush

    Memory could not read...

    just started getting this today.Tried all the steps above to no effect.
  2. sgt_kush

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    Is there a way I can edit it to where there are no enemy soldiers with AA weapons?
  3. I noticed when beta came out the IR laser does not give range anymore.Guess you have to use the range finder now?
  4. Ever since the beta started I can no longer type in chat or editor,never had a problem in alpha.The only thing that is working are the numbers on the numpad. I have to copy and past everything else.
  5. sgt_kush

    H&K USP 9 mm Pistol

    Using the virtual box the 9mm shows up but not the .45
  6. sgt_kush

    =BTC= Revive

    I have a problem were I am free falling on the ground when I die.Than when I revive I am free falling and after a few seconds I am able to stand up.Some times It gets stuck in free falling and I can't move.I am using the 0.9 RC1 version because I get a black screen with the regular version.Any ides how I can fix this?Thx