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  1. I am also having this issue
  2. usedragon

    Unwanted Clutter

    Have you tried changing character = "Empty"; in your concrete2_Surface and remove USN_concrete2_Character from cfgSurfaceCharacters? a possibility
  3. Notice some Arma 3 Assets has switch too Apex. Changelog 1.62 has not mention anything being switch over to apex Is it possible bi have changed objects used to be Arma 3 assets now apex?
  4. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    I have now happily say I have found the problem :) Everything is find with everything within TerrainBuilder/P drive until I got into pboProject. Looking and decided to hit Restore Defaults in the setup and notice .paa was part of the exclude from pbo. So now the textures is showing up (never touch this since i have downloaded pboProject. Thanks for everyone who tried to help me
  5. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    Did not work unfortunately
  6. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    This is in game (Editor) which doesn't have any textures, however buldozer is fine for me.
  7. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    Tried the 4 and 6 material per cell used Replace Text program to convert .png > .paa images When I used replace Text program to replace few lines inside the .rvmat files (.png to .paa), i'll get the same error cannot load texture s_000_000_lco.paa or s_000_000_lco.png save. export WRP (overwriting existing/delete and make a new one -- doesn't matter) Deleting temp folder right before using PBOproject
  8. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    mask images
  9. usedragon

    Error exporting

    I had this issue before. Uninstall all Mikero tools then reinstall
  10. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    Yeah the pbo is named lakeside however I am not using any of the Jackson_County source files as im doing it from scratch (except for L3DT files). So I did the suggestion of doing 1 color and still does it. Also, when I looked at how the generating layers when on the surfaces; all the mask png/paa are black instead of green (when it should be?)
  11. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    update http://i65.tinypic.com/fk8pr4.png-- sat texture shows up in buldozer no error http://tinypic.com/r/sd337s/9-- load up editor gets the cannot load texture s_000_000_lco pboPoject came up no errors cruching Is this causing the cfgSurfaces/layers.cfg not reading correctly? Been trying to get this bug squashed and not haven't given up just yet. sorry for double-posting
  12. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    sat texture shows up in buldozer(no error) but once in game everything is white Edit: updated first post Edit: I verify arma 3 tools and 3 files were reacquired but didn't help
  13. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    I gave those a shot Redid them by making new document and saving the approperiate names redid data/textures images by taking map_data textures to png > paa with new name saving (maybe renaming wasn't working) used a different config changed mask colors and did repeated steps above. I'm out of options :(
  14. usedragon

    White Textures in game

    Tried before and after generating texturing, clearing temp folders still no vail :(
  15. So, basically when I load up in game, the whole map is white and saying it cannot load texture \lakeside\data\layers\s_000_000_lco even though its in there paa/png file. I am using Lakeside map (starting over from scratch). Sat/mask images are 10240x10240 png files Config http://pastebin.com/PDk5x71D CfgSurfaces.h layers.cfg