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    Ok guys, I thought of something about the apex expansions lack of vehicles. BI have added 10 new models, yes. But what if BI have added/ are working on variants of existing vehicles and aren't going to reveal them to the public until release. The different variants would be put into vanilla, of course, after APEX releases. E.g. a proper attach version of the Blackfoot (Comanche), different versions of the Hunter (M-ATV) seen here: http://oshkoshdefense.com/vehicles/m-atv/# .This would apply to other vehicles as well.
  2. Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working on the mod on and off since the last update in DEC last year. I've: added Marines Redone AF uniforms added "better" naval units Redone all Army vehicle camos removed SF and FR units added revamped SF units with INDFOR and BLUFOR uniforms (custom rvmat) Still more to go, so hang in there. Thanks, Terramesa
  3. Terramesa

    TAC Vests

    Hey Zabb, Could you consider adding "SORD VAC plate carrier"? http://soldiersystems.net/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/SORD-USA-Releasable-Variable-Armor-Carrier.jpg[/img
  4. Makana Island, Crown Jewel and Capital of the Federated Islands of Oceania. By Terramesa Hello everyone, Today I have announced I will start the design phase of the Island of Makana, aka this is still very WIP. Construction has started 28/12/2015. If anyone would be willing to help or may have some pointers to start me off, I would appreciate it. This will be my first Terrain mod. The best mod to pair with this terrain would be my other mod "Oceania Defense Forces mod" previously known as 'Mountain DeAU Defence Forces Mod". There will be WipEout references. STORY Recently I was on a trip up the coast to the Gold Coast and Toowoomba and it inspired me to create a terrain which had similarities to northern NSW and southern QLD. In 2015 (Armaverse storyline), the newly established government of Oceania passed a bill for the free creation of man made islands to combat the rising tides. As a result the first and the biggest island "Makana" was made. Construction of the island began on 16th November 2017 and finished 9th June 2021. After the island was made, a brutal advertising campaign to bring tourists and permanent residents to the island while the construction of the cities and major towns were taking place. Nine years later, the population of Makana has reached 30,000 permanent residents (which is rising steadily) and accommodates around 15,000 tourists yearly. Tourists usually stay in or in close proximity to the two major cities; Bandar Besar and Goteki. DETAILS Makana Island is a 625km2 terrain consisting of the main island, south west island (San Miguel), North east Island (Mitchell Island) and a small cluster of islands (Holden Island, Campbell Island, Bushranger Island and Laurie Island) to the East South East. Makana Island has two large cities and seven towns ranging from medium to small. Makana Island has a great mountain range spanning from the North of the island to the south. The island has various military installations spread across the main island and smaller islands, With the DoD HQ in Bandar Besar and a big tri-service base in the west. The island is relatively flat around the edges with lots of farmland and forests. The island has one international airport, three other CIV airports and one military airfield. The Island has various dams, lakes, rivers and creeks. The Island has lots of main roads, a massive highway spanning the whole island and tons of light roads. SOURCE IMAGES http://imgur.com/a/GmQiL TERRAIN IMAGES
  5. Terramesa

    Makana Island [WIP]

    Small update, mostly a PSA for what it's worth. I am currently looking for someone to help me out with this mod, mainly to get it out and in the community faster and to co-develop it. I just won't have that much time this year to dedicate to modding and this project may be in a very long hibernation state until the last quarter of 2017 without and extra pair of hands (or more, idk). So if you are interested in helping, PM me. Otherwise you may have to wait for a while.
  6. Terramesa

    Makana Island [WIP]

    Updates? ok. Having a bit of a hiatus from Arma modding as a whole at this point in time. Mostly because of work and enjoying the holidays/ vacation period before school goes back. I was working on my other mod (ODF Mod) consistently from May 2015 to December 25 2015, so I decided to have a little break. I have made a very crude sat image in GIMP for Makana, mostly as a placeholder until I can get back in to modding most of the time. If you guys want, I can upload the (very crude and by no-means final) sat image. P.S. I only go on the BI Forums every 3-4 days now, so if you send me a message, I'm not ignoring you, I just haven't been on lately.
  7. Whoops, I meant DDG at first. But now that you've cleared that up, I'll refer to "her" class as a CG.
  8. Hey, srbknight. Since this is going to be a FFG, is there going to be an "artillery computer" type thing going on for the missiles? Examples would be the MLRS and the 155mm howitzer from vanilla A3. Or will it be like a lock on sort of thing?
  9. Wow! You're really ripping through this model! I can't wait for it to be released and I'm looking forward to the OHP class when you're onto that project. Keep up the good work! :)
  10. 0.7 is here, call it the Army update. LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By3qCWWECHzbV0xMc1ZDcUhSRlU/view?usp=sharing CHANGELOG: - added ground vehicles in snow, desert and woodland camo. - added air vehicles in desert and woodland camo. - removed tropical FR uniform. - reworked all FR uniforms except Woodland. - Added FR vests. - Added (should have removed before update) 2015-2025 uniforms/ vests. - added MARKS (Heavy) vests. - added more soldiers; rifleman, TL, SL, AT soldier etc for army, navy, air force etc. - added survivor uniforms. - added probably more stuff that I forgot about. - reworked config - edited readme <-- PLEASE CHECK OUT DEPENDENCIES: 3CB BAF Vehicles DAR HMMWVs HAFM NH90 Helicopter HAFM EC-635 Helicopter This took just over a month to make and reskin various vehicles and uniforms. probably the most time consuming update. Please delete/ remove all previous versions before installing this one. There are dependencies, relatively small file sizes so it shouldn't be too much. You MAY needs Marksman, Helicopters and Karts to be able to use everything.
  11. Terramesa

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    At the title suggests, are there any "good" attack helicopter mods on AH or steam? I'm kinda tired using the default Arma 3 Comanche and Kajman. Kinda tired of the AH-64 and AH-1W too. If anyone knows of any other attack helos, it would be much appreciated.
  12. Absolutely delightful! I take my hat off to you sir. :)
  13. Will you be able to land rotary-wing on the ship?
  14. Damn, I was really looking forward to it.
  15. Is there a was to change a vehicle's mass in the config? Reason asking, I'm trying to make a vehicle sling-loadable in game to reflect its real-life counter part. How would I do this?
  16. Thanks for the info.
  17. Terramesa

    Config Trouble with HMMWV

    Looks like I've got some work to do.
  18. Hello, I'm using RichardsD's HMMWV open source an I can figure out why, but; 1. The HMMWV's are grey-white. 2. They act like an object similar to an ammobox i.e there's no vehicle UI or interaction. 3. Whenever they're on their wheels they launch into the air. anyone have any fixes?
  19. Terramesa

    Huron textures not showing

    That link you posted, helped a lot. Thank you. The texture is now working.
  20. Hello, I've created custom textures for the huron but they're not showing up in-game. The model isn't invisible, but it goes back to the standard green for the vanilla helicopter. Texture size is a standard 2048x2048. >CONFIG< Armed variant: class odf_heli_superheavy_armed_des: B_Heli_Transport_03_F { side = 1; scope = 2; DLC = "Heli"; author = "Terramesa"; vehicleClass = "Air"; crew = "meau_cr_pilot_A1"; faction = "Faction_MEAU"; displayName = "ODF CH-67 Huron (Desert)"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1","Camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"ODF_RW\heli\Data\odf_heli_huron_front_d_co.paa","ODF_RW\heli\Data\odf_heli_huron_back_d_co.paa"}; }; Unarmed Variant: class odf_heli_superheavy_des: B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F { side = 1; scope = 2; DLC = "Heli"; author = "Terramesa"; vehicleClass = "Air"; crew = "meau_cr_pilot_A1"; faction = "Faction_MEAU"; displayName = "ODF CH-67 Huron (Desert) Unarmed"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1","Camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"ODF_RW\heli\Data\odf_heli_huron_front_d_co.paa","ODF_RW\heli\Data\odf_heli_huron_back_d_co.paa"}; }; Any ideas on what's going on? P.S. This was attempted after the NEXUS update. This might have something to do with it, but I'm not sure.
  21. I'm trying to retexture the AMV-7. The body and turret come out fine but the wheels, lights and propellers come out grey-blue. What's up with that? CONFIG: class odf_veh_amv_d: B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F { side = 1; scope = 2; author = "Terramesa"; vehicleClass = "Armored"; crew = "odf_inf_soldier_A1"; faction = "Faction_MEAU"; displayName = "ODF Patria AMV (Desert)"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1","Camo2","Camo3"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"ODF_WT\car\Data\odf_amv_1_d.paa","ODF_WT\car\Data\odf_amv_wheel_d.paa","ODF_WT\car\Data\odf_amv_2_d.paa"}; }; IMAGES: Texture out of game Texture in-game
  22. Terramesa

    Grey wheel texture for AMV

    I've fixed the problem. Found that Arma doesn't like cropping some textures. So what I did is I matched the wheels to the aspects to the other textures (2048x2048). It looks stretched in GIMP, but in-game it works flawlessly.
  23. Terramesa

    Grey wheel texture for AMV

    So all I need to do is properly name the textures?
  24. May I present to you version 0.6 LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By3qCWWECHzbWmVjbnJpSnJ6WkE/view?usp=sharing changelog; -Removed all old Platacam stuff. -Added Army uniforms, platecarriers, helmets, hats and backpacks in Platacam GEN-III -Added Army uniforms, platecarriers, helmets, hats and backpacks in Platacam GEN-III D -Added Army uniforms, platecarriers, helmets, hats and backpacks in Platacam GEN-III S -Added Navy uniforms, platecarriers, helmets and hats in Platacam GEN-III N -Added Airforce uniforms, platecarriers, helmets and hats in Platacam GEN-III AF -Added Officers uniforms in Platacam GEN III Regular, D, S, N and AF. Rank slides are different for Army, Navy and Airforce. -Added Bandoleer in Platacam GEN III Regular, D, S, N and AF. -Added Combat Belt in Platacam GEN III Regular, D, S, N and AF. -Added Tactical Vest in Platacam GEN III Regular, D, S, N and AF. -Added CmmG OCA MX, MXGL, MXC, MXM and MXSW 6.5. -Added rank patched associated to Army, Navy or Airforce. -Added More Fly-boy uniforms. Navy Fighter pilot, Helo pilots navy, transport pilot AF. -Added possibly more stuff, but I may have forgotten. The amount of hats in this mod, holy crap. GabeN would be proud of me. Valve should hire me for TF2.