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  1. TingTank

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    One of the funniest Graphic settings is PIP. You must have it enabled. If its disabled and you're in a Ifrit GMG or Hunter as a Gunner you see a black touchpad. On low it have an impact to my FPS.
  2. Thanks for your Graphic Settings, yea right a SSD makes much sense for ArmA but not everyone have one. Like I said, O&O Defrag is with 5 various defrag Options somehow useful. I've to find the best experience for Object Details. 600m is really way too low but gaves me much fps.
  3. Overview ---------- The ArmA Engine is famous for FPS Drops and stuttering, I've found a temporarily solution, for the MP. Maybe it helps for someone, I cant guaranteed it. It helped me alot with my GTX 560 TI and my i7 870. Programs ----------- MSI Afterburner (GPU Usage) NVIDIA Control Panel (Graphic settings) Notepad++ (edit .cfg) Unpark Cores (can improve performance) First ------ Start with these Parameters: -cpuCount=8 -exThreads=7 -malloc=system -maxmem=6144 -maxvram=1024 -nosplash -skipintro -nobenchmark cpuCount: 8 for HTT, maybe it helps, exThreads: 7, for quadcores, malloc=system, maybe fps improvements, maxmem and vram depends on graphic card. You can add -high for high priority. I did it in the task manager. Graphics Settings: Distance: 1600m Object: 650m (needs actually some fine tuning) AA: 4x (very important GPU usage improvement) PPAA: FXAA Ultra (you're decision) ATOC: Disabled (can help) Post Process: Disabled HDR: Low (helped me) Anistropic: Ultra (has no influence) PIP: Low (Ifrit GMG Gunner..) Dynamic Lights: Low (I get FPS drops due high settings) Texture: Very High (GPU Usage improvement, when Ultra available use it) Objects Details: Ultra (GPU Usage improvement) Terrain: Standard Clouds: Disabled (You can enable this option if you really like the ArmA 3 clouds... I'm lying don't do it :rolleyes:) Shadow: Disabled (for MP) Particles: Standard (Smoke on very high, fps drops) Other ------------ Now, go to you're ArmA 3 Other Profiles path. Edit with Notepad++ and change the Object Distance to 650m, and View to 1600m. Actually the Object Distance is up to you. Now to ArmA 3 and edit the cfg file. Change to GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; (reduces input lag) Unpark Cores can improve the performance (look at youtube or google) Steam: Dwarden wrote + set priority of steam to low Nvidia Settings: Manage 3d settings, select ArmA 3 Power management mode: Performance Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: Single Display Maybe it can help (not tested) when you change the PhysX setting from Auto to the GPU. Wasteland: 30-40 fps (depends on server) ARMA 3 Invade & Annex: 40 fps (depends on server) Showcases: 60-80 fps Scenario whole lotta stratis: 50-60 fps Guides: http://www.day0.com.au/forum/arma/70-arma-3-alpha-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide I hope it helps someone. EDIT: O&O Defrag can help too. I defragged my D: Partition to access (faster reading).
  4. Must say, ArmA 3 gameplay is a bit faster. Key bindings are comfortable and the mouse accelaration is much better then in ArmA 2 (for me).
  5. Specs: Windows 8 Professional Intel i7 870, HT on MSI GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr II/OC WD Caviar Green, 90-100 mb reading Aspire 5910 Motherboard, OEM 530W PSU, OEM Settings: Distance: 1600m Object: 1300m Shadow Distance: 100m AA: Off PPAA: FXAA Low Post Process: Disabled ATOC: Disabled HDR: Standard Anistropic: Ultra PIP: Low (unfortunately it must be on low, as a Ifrit Gunner..) Dynamic Lights: Low (heavy fps drop when high) Texture: High Objects: Low (fps improvement) Terrain: Standard Cloud: Standard Shadow: Standard Particles: Standard Singleplayer: 40-50, Showcases: 60-80. But Multiplayer: 20-30, 40 fps (very rare on few servers) Good Setting? I think my CPU is too slow.
  6. TingTank

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Im so sick. I played ArmA II for years. And Bohemia dont get their work together to fix the Engine Issues. They got so much extra Money only from the DayZ hype. Im playing now for hours with commands like: exthreads, cpucount etc. Its an Alpha I know. But the Engine problems are still their.