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  1. junglenz

    Malden 2035

    Would be nice if it had rail system like Tanoa
  2. junglenz

    [COOP-15] Tanoa MedEvac Mission

    Having fun on this mission. Some bugs thou and initial working things out but really good. Do you have it set up on Altis? If not is it ok to port onto Altis? Cheers
  3. junglenz

    [COOP-15] Tanoa MedEvac Mission

    Looks good.
  4. junglenz

    DSS: The Mod

    Well Single Player works fine. Connects, spawns, off and do things. MP or server - totally different story. It does not show up in 'vote' list to select (as it does with another mod with same file structure.) So I have edited files out to form old fashion way of pbo file. (I have placed folders where they need to be, adjusted lines so they read to correct files (ie removed dds/scenario etc....)). It all fires up, lets me select player, lets me selct parameters, click GO and I spawn on the island. I notice on the mission editing that a player was set as player so changed that to playable. Same thing. So trying to debug I pick it is somewhere between scripts/addons/dss/pre_init and dss/code/fn_init_spawn or whatever it was called. Any ideas? Cheers edit: there is an error in scripts/addons/bi fn_module..... file - one too many }; so it is not closing properly.
  5. junglenz

    DSS: The Mod

    Updated to latest files including steam workshop. Run in scenario, mod starts but I end up on spawn island. Any idea what is causing this? Also it does not want to run in multiplayer mode (now that I have found out how to run mp without pbo mission file) Cheers jungle
  6. junglenz

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    Thanks for that (was starting to wonder if password was the key) Appreciated. jungle
  7. junglenz

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    I have got all the mods list in start line. How does one run server without the mission file pbo? arma3server.exe -mod=@:@;@;@ etc.... -port........... -config=server.cfg <---------this file has no class mission Am I suppost to depbo file(s). What else should I have in start line? Thanks
  8. junglenz

    DSS: The Mod

    You can host the mission through many ways. You can: - Host via the server list in-game. - Use TADST2 or whatever server hosting tool to create a dedicated server. - Host from a paid website. The MP Mission may have a few bugs in terms of client-side and server-side, but I have just understood the basics of MP Scripting and will immediately fix the incompatible scripts within the whole mod. I am using TADST2 - I have activated @cba,@trixie,@bg....,@dss the mod,@dss mission, and all the other mods needed. I select Launch, server shows, I go in thru client (mods activated) it just stays at VR load screen. What am I missing. (I have run many servers this one has got me stumped) Solved how to access however look later post re new updated version not accessing.
  9. junglenz

    DSS: The Mod

    How do you get this working as a server?
  10. Lets Americanize it... I like the cactus thou.
  11. Have set this up on All Out Warfare - runs well. All Out Warfare on AUSTRALIA Map or Only issues seem to be in cities, a lot of broken shadows and fps drops. Some shadows are blockish, some just bleed through buildings. Server open to public. If you do come in set the tasks and missions up at flag pole. Have some fun and explore this fantastic map.
  12. junglenz

    Payday Mod

    Have set this up on server and had a few runs. Quite enjoying it. New Zealand based server: [NZ|AU] Payday Mod - www.gamingnz.com OR teamspeak @ ts3.gamingnz.com Will leave it up and running if it becomes and stays popular.
  13. Thanks for replies. I re-downloaded main file and tried on map again, and what do you know........it now works (map also has been updated so fix might have been applied there). Again thanks,
  14. Has anyone been able to get amphibious plane to land on water other than altis/stratis maps? When i use it on other maps I cannot get wheels to retract therefore will not land on water, and also if starting on water plane just sinks.
  15. junglenz

    Tilos : Greek Island

    This map is fantastic. Great job with the additions of objects and fixes. Looking to use it on new mission. Great work.