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    Teleport to roof?

    No, I searched for this before and couldn't find it. The closest you can get is BoundingBox which is always a lot higher than the building, and not really useful at getting a rooftop height. I ended up just making array of all the building heights I needed. As a workaround you can do something like this _boundsMin = boundingBox model select 0; _boundsMax = boundingBox model select 1; _buildingATL = GetPosATL _building select 2; _boxHeight = (_boundsMax select 2)-(_boundsMin select 2); Player allowdamage false; //set the player's position to the boundingbox height Player setPosATL [Position _building select 0,Position _building select 1,(Position _building select 2) +_boxHeight]; sleep 2; //wait for him to fall to the rooftop before enabling damage again. Player allowdamage true;
  2. Yeah probably, 60FPS was just an arbitrary number. If you look at the code for BIS_fnc_unitplay they get around this problem using setvelocitytransformation in a clever way by interpolating based on the frame rate you're getting.
  3. A sine function creates a smoother animation. Here's an example script. testanim.sqf _obj = createvehicle["Fort_RazorWire",[(Position Player select 0),(Position Player select 1) +2, Position Player select 2],[],0,"NONE"]; _theta = 0; _height=3; _step = 1; _pos = Position _obj; //_theta: values 0 to 90 to lift object // values 91 to 180 to let it down again while {_theta<180} do { _obj setPosATL [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,_height*sin(_theta)]; _theta = _theta + 1; hintsilent format["theta:%1",_theta]; sleep 0.02; }; sleep 5; deletevehicle _obj;
  4. I believe you can do advanced AI stuff with formations using FSM files, but I don't know anything about them. That's generally where people go when they want to make alterations to AI behavior. Do you know that there are BIS functions to set and retrieve pitch and bank information. BIS_fnc_setpitchbank, BIS_fnc_getpitchbank? Remember with Vectors in Arma there's a rule, you must always set VectorDir before VectorUp.By the sounds of things, the pitchbank functions will solve your problem. If I were doing what you wanted to do and the AI wasn't doing the job, I wouldn't use attachTo. I'd basically just hack together a delay where each wingman was copying my VectorDir\VectorUp from about 1 second ago. The flow would be something like this 1) Fill an array with about 60 frames of Position and Vector data. (1 second @ 60FPS) 2) Send that to the left and right wingman, while filling up a new array. 3) The left and right helis will have their Ai disabled, and you'll simply setVectorDirAndUp for each, copying your players movements. 4) The left and right wingmen will then send that array to the next level down in the V It sounds complicated, but it would actually be quite simple. For more advanced stuff you could probably use a boids algorithm. http://www.kfish.org/boids/pseudocode.html
  5. You need to nest the array one more level. So add extra brackets _blacklist = [[[0.101, 15360.1],[11075.6,5328.23]]];
  6. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm unable to find any documentation for what the ranges are of the values in the "setToneMappingParams" command are. They're some kind of coefficient maybe but what does each value represent and what's it's range? When I experiment I see immediate changes no matter how high, low or negative the number I put in is. "filmic" setToneMappingParams [0.153, 0.27, 0.131, 0.1573, 0.111, 1.750, 6, 6]; Same for "Reinhard". Is it using Equation 3 or 4?
  7. Dialog configuration is stored in a config.cpp file. This is then binarized into a config.bin file. If there's a way to open missions with config.bin files in the Editor I haven't found a way yet. You can unBin it with this tool. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=229 Once you have the config.cpp file it should work.
  8. Anyone been able to get this to do something useful? I thought it would add depth of field like you'd have with a real lens, but apparently not. I've been experimenting in my camera scripts and can't see any difference even with Post Processing set to Max. Even at high FPS the engine seems to blur things I'd prefer it didn't. Such a pity, because depth of field makes the world of difference with the look and feel of a scene. Other camera issues I'm having: - An inability to set FOV while camera is attached to an object and the camera's direction is set with SetDir, rather than CamSetTarget. Just won't work. Don't know why. - CamSetTarget removes some of the "attached" qualities of an attached camera. For example, attach to the wing of a plane and you bank and pitch with the plane. CamSetTarget to some other position and only the camera's position remains. It's pitch and bank twists and turns at the whim of the engine. VisiblePostion isn't working as a suitable replacement for GetPos. The 1.6 Beta introduced interpolation which introduced flickering into old camera scripts. VisiblePosition was supposed to be the fix, but it doesn't seem to make any difference in my experiments. I was using GetPos and SetPos but had horrible flickering, yet visiblePosition didn't really change that. Currently the only way I found to follow a moving target is to attach it to the object at some relative position. I've found workarounds to most of my problems, but I'm enormously curious why they exist in the first place, and if my workarounds were unnecessary, and I've just done something wrong. Any thoughts?
  9. I've noticed that "hint", "hintsilent" etc don't display while in a camera view, but "sideChat" will. How would you make them show up? It seems like I must be missing something simple.
  10. Why not use the buildingPos command? It worked well with Arma 2 buildings.