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    [SP] On The Hunt

    The year is 2035. Tensions are on the rise between NATO and CSAT. CSAT has deployed a WMD onto Stratis and taken an Informant hostage. Will you be able to stop them? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features: -High quality voice acting -Cutscenes -Incredibly detailed and immersive world -Multiple, diverse objectives -Challenging difficulty -Custom sound effects -Player's choice of gear -Autosaves -2+ hours of gameplay +more No addons, mods or DLC required! Credits: Kylania - Technical help and advice (special thanks) Kalom - Testing BrutusDestroyer - Testing Iceman77 - Flip vehicle script Users at BI Forums and Youtubers who make Arma 3 editor videos Voice Actors: Foley - TheMirrorsEnd Informant - sic-disaster Foreigner - Kalom Team Foxtrot Leader - DEL-J Subscribe on Steam Armaholic
  2. I'm having a bit of trouble getting a VA setup the way I like. I would like to have certain items removed but still allow weapons from mods i.e. remove all launchers, binoculars and explosives and add back just a couple of specific items. The BIS_fnc_removeVirtualMagazineCargo weapon/item seems too broad and if I just add stuff manually after then there isn't much point.
  3. Hi, something seems to have broken with the voice acting in my mission, possibly from the apex update. I haven't changed anything in the mission since then but now the audio is skipping, not playing at all or playing at very high speed. the voice acting is always activated by 'say' i.e. player say line1
  4. forzajuve

    'Say' Audio Bugs

    I'm having a couple of issues with the 'say' command First is that if I have a 'say' command using code like this while {true} do { invis6 say "music2"; sleep 290; }; and it restarts while I am in virtual arsenal, then it will become like 'playsound' and stuck on for the rest of the mission, or maybe until it restarts outside of VA. However it only seems to occur for distant objects, at least not in the same building. A similar issue also occurs when trying to do a cutscene i.e. _camera = "camera" camcreate [0,0,0]; _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]; all of the 'say' sounds will become like 'playsound' and stuck for the rest of the misison. Additionally, if I have a character that is talking to the player using 'say', the lines will become very choppy and skip parts. For some sounds in VA and cutscene the sound does not even need to restart, it will just start playing like 'playsound' instantly. Second issue is lip animation with say command. Problem is the lip animation is only working for the player character. I setup a test mission with a playable character opposite the player character and if I switch while the player is talking the lip animation for the player stops. If you switch back to the player the lip animation starts working again for the player. If you try the same line on a character other than player the lip animation does not work.
  5. forzajuve

    Limit Virtual Arsenal items

    Well anyway I downloaded RHS and NIarms and I added all the weapons from that. Plus with vanilla/marksmen weapons and CUP should be plenty :D
  6. try setObjectTexture with a black image
  7. condition: !alive unit1 && !alive unit2 && !alive unit3 && !alive unit4 on activation: ["end1",true,3] call BIS_fnc_endMission;
  8. forzajuve

    Limit Virtual Arsenal items

    I think the 3den way seems to be the easiest and it doesn't seem to matter if I add weapons from a mod which a player doesn't have installed, I wasn't sure about that before.
  9. forzajuve

    Limit Virtual Arsenal items

    So I can't use BIS_fnc_removeVirtualWeaponCargo to be more specific and just remove launchers? what else is popular besides RHS, CUP and NIarms? and if a player doesn't have RHS but I put this it doesn't affect them?
  10. forzajuve

    Limit Virtual Arsenal items

    For your code, that is only adding RHS gear? So if player doesn't have RHS they can't use the mission or error or it just doesn't show up? and what about vanilla gear? I use eden enhanced but the problem with that is I can only add whatever guns I have, whereas using BIS_fnc_arsenal spawns all weapons including whatever mods the player has. Hence why there isn't much point. I'm only using vanilla + CUP unless I'm wrong here, haven't looked into this before scripting ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;
  11. the easiest way is to simply put this in the init of the object this setdamage 1
  12. forzajuve

    [SP] On The Hunt

    Thanks :)
  13. I'm making a mission where there are a couple of AI shooting ranges. I used the doFire command on some vehicle wrecks and it worked fine but since a few days it has stopped working for no obvious reason. I can hardly get it to work at all and haven't found a good solution to force the AI to fire either. Could a recent update have broken doFire?
  14. forzajuve

    doFire doesn't work?

    Ok I think I fixed it, I simply changed the targets from wrecks of vehicles to actual vehicles and it works now with just doFire. Looks weird but better than nothing. Strange that it stopped working on wrecks though.
  15. forzajuve

    doFire doesn't work?

    like public variable? i am trying this but not working now range1.sqf while {rng1=true} do { s4 doSuppressiveFire trg6; sleep 3; s5 doSuppressiveFire trg6; sleep 2; s6 doSuppressiveFire trg5; sleep 2; s7 doSuppressiveFire trg5; sleep 3; }; trigger 1 condition: true on activation: rng1 = true; publicVariable "rng1"; trigger 2 condition: rng1 = true on activation: abc = execVM "range1.sqf";
  16. forzajuve

    doFire doesn't work?

    With a bit of tweaking that seems to be working but it definitely seems like something has changed. They won't engage targets further than like 10-15m and not at all on the shooting positions at the firing range. I also can't get them to stop firing now while {true} do { s4 doSuppressiveFire trg6; sleep 3; s5 doSuppressiveFire trg6; sleep 2; s6 doSuppressiveFire trg5; sleep 2; s7 doSuppressiveFire trg5; sleep 3; }; is there a way to stop this?
  17. forzajuve

    Task specific Icon

    It's working for me. Have also exported to SP from the editor and worked there as well.
  18. forzajuve

    Helicopter problems?

    I made an extraction yesterday with a ghosthawk. Worked fine. hold -> move land "get in" -> load > move
  19. Hi looking for a couple of voice actors for a SP mission I'm making on Stratis. Already have one voice done. (Player character) US/UK accent (CSAT checkpoint soldiers) Arab//Iranian (CSAT) accent
  20. How do I change the a unit's name when you hover over it with the mouse in game? I have tried setidentity and setname but to no avail. It is still saying 'team leader' now
  21. forzajuve

    Change Unit Screen name

    Hmm don't think so, showHUD hide info hides the weapon info too...
  22. I am trying to delete a task. My code is ["tsk2"] call BIS_fnc_deleteTask; on activation in trigger. However it is not deleting the task... I also tried deleting the trigger which activates the task however that just assigns the task instantly. Not sure what's wrong...
  23. forzajuve


    Still no luck even with that :/
  24. forzajuve


    There is cancelled, I guess I'll just make do with that and see if I can get that working.
  25. forzajuve


    Ok, the task is to hide a vehicle. However if the vehicle is destroyed I would like to delete this task as the player won't be able to complete this objective and get into a locked building. This would be bypassed. The task is assigned by entering a trigger area. I've checked it's all working fine, just the deleting is where the problem is. Owner: All playable units Task ID: tsk2 Title: Hide the truck Description: Drive the truck to... Marker: park Destination: Module position State: created Task type: move Always visible: disable