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  1. You don't see the issue? I click on 3D editor. I click on the map where I want to place something in the 3D mode. It places me somewhere else. Then when I try to move around in 3D mode it's like i'm hitting an invisible wall. I'm using the latest version that's on the workshop
  2. I'm sorry if this has been posted previously but I didn't see anything in the walls of text. So I'm having an issue with the 3D editor working for awhile then all of a sudden it starts placing me in the wrong spot. Here's a video of exactly what's going on. http://youtu.be/yzxaz2PdBMc
  3. Thank you very much. Going to try this out in a bit here. 0_o What kind of keyboard do you have??
  4. For some reason after updating today it's showing that I never played through the Survive Campaign and it won't let me play Adapt without playing Survive again. Sucks I have to do all that over again if that's the case.
  5. BomberWRX

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    Is there a 203 variant in the works for the 416/417 models?
  6. Yea got it straight from steam. :banghead:
  7. I quit. Did Best Laid Plans again start to finish.... Well sort of finish. I landed back on the helipad and my passenger's AI brain must've fallen out over the water. She did nothing. Didn't get out. Didn't say anything. Couldn't end the fucking mission cause of it. Loaded my last save point. Same thing. She just wasn't there "mentally". I've never had such a bad experience with a game with these types of bugs. I almost want my money back.
  8. I'll try putting it in auto hover and saving it manually then time to time. Still doesn't explain why I would load the game into a charred wreck on the ground with my copilot outside of it while I'm still in it. I'll have to get a video of it next time I play. The firing range way point just wasn't working at all. Even with the 3 guys I had on board I tried shaking the helicopter all around and they wouldn't even acknowledge it. There was no like whoa what are you doing or anything so it was like the AI wasn't with me. Just their bodies were there. Going to give it another go tonight
  9. Anyone able to help? Devs? BIS? Bueller? Bueller?
  10. Ok now I'm doing Best Laid Plans currently and I had to leave before delivering them to the firing range. I loaded back in where it saved for a change. Made my way to the firing range and landed precisely on the way point and now they won't get out and even speak. I've tried shutting off the engines. Getting out. Flying around for a few minutes landing again. Hell I even kamikazed into the truck with the 2 guys in it killing everyone to load back from my save. Nothing. So now I have to redo the last 20-30 min again to get to this point. This game is fun but it's so broke it's not even funny. Arma 3 Alpha is more polished than this.
  11. Gorgeous. Now where is the Suby :-)
  12. So there has been numerous times where I have had to completely start a mission over. One time during the hunt for whales mission after it saved I quit the game. Loaded back in later and as soon as the game loaded I was nose diving into the game ground. Mind you the game auto saved over water. So I reset the mission. Again after finding a couple more whales I had to leave the computer so it autosaved and I left. Loaded back in and I was greeted with a downed chopper and alarms sounding. I get out and it's just a charred wreck and my camera man is standing there next to it. Pretty pissed this time. THIRD time I was doing a flash back mission for Joe and I was delivering flyers to the camps or whatever. I came under enemy contact and got shot down and crashed. So I chose to resume from last save point and again I loaded into a charred wreck with my Co pilot outside. He actually started running towards the way point... 71k away. I was no where near my previous save.