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    Rats of war bug

    Yes i`m on Tiger Hunt. I removed the mines then i get four tanks to command. Now my objective is to take three villages. I do that then a cutscene starts and then nothing
  2. lentpjove

    Rats of war bug

    I restarted the mission encountered a few other bugs but the ending worked this time so i passed the mission but now I have a similar problem on the next mission. I take the three villages and then a cutscene starts but nothing happens. I can hear my character shouting orders but I can`t do anything.
  3. I`m stuck at the part after the defense. I talk to the officer and can accept or deny. So i choose deny the scene plays out normally then my character salutes and nothing happens. He just stands there saluting forever. I reload and accept this time. I clean the village and talk to the officer. He says he need one of my men and then nothing happens. I can`t move or look around but I can still give orders. I imagine this a bug. Any idea how to fix it or what caused it?:j:
  4. Thanks i finally passed the mission.:D
  5. I exited the car before the second checkpoint talked to the guys and then killed them.
  6. Can anyone give me a walkthrough of this mission? I managed to get to the part where i have to destroy the bridge but it seems impossible. A tank with some infantry attack me from behind and if I try to drive the ammo truck on the bridge the russians on the other side blow almost as soon as i drive onto the bridge.:butbut: Any help would be appreciated.