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  1. Did you manage to get it sorted ? I had a file size issue first time I tried to upload. Was my layer structure within The World Editor. Everything seems to need to be in the default layer. I had rocks in layers called "rocks" and trees in layers called "trees" and this seemed to give me the same small upload size that you are experiencing. As soon as I dumped all into the default layer, all got uploaded. This was one of my issues anyway.
  2. I was wondering if any Devs from Bohemia could shed some light on the wiki article https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:World_Editor:_Terrain_Creation_Tool in regards to the User Brush text passage which reads, "User brushes are loaded from root/Brushes (i.e. root/Brushes/blot.png)." I have tried placing my Brushes folder in every level of folder from ArmaReforger, Addons, "My Project" etc. etc. with no luck in getting custom "USER" brushes to show. I see a lot of talk in Discord channels on this topic with no solution. Any Ideas ?
  3. zeotrope

    cant use whole terrain

    I thought there was a world bounds option somewhere. I don't think 2048 x 2048 is too big
  4. Found a solution to custom maps using GAMEMASTER where the initial camera can be set when the Terrain Loads. This prevents the camera being anywhere but where you need it. ie: Out to sea with no land in sight ! First load up EDEN_GM and have a close look at the entity Gamemode_GameMaster. You will notice a component labeled, "SCR_EditorCameraDefaultsComponent" You will also notice there are around 8 or so different camera angles (SCR_CameraCoordinates) associated with this component. These seem to ideal camera angles set up for EDEN when you load up GAMEMASTER Copy and add this Gamemaster Entity to your map. Obviously delete your current one first. Now select the Gamemaster entity and Delete (minus) all but 1 of the SCR_CameraCoordinates. If you are happy with only 1 camera angle then no need to add more.... add as many as you want. To get your current camera position (x,y,z) and angle, click the CAMERA Tab located at the top of your main world window. Camera position and angles are shown. Use these parameters (once you have found a nice view angle) and copy them into the SCR_CameraCoordinates, one by one. As you add camera angles etc, you should see PINK Vectors Planes on your map showing their relative view angles. These represent your newly created camera angles. Tested this in workshop with one or more angles and it works just fine. The next thing I would like to do is add a Cinematic Camera to the initial view....but that may not yet be possible. Anyway, I hope this helps someone. It puzzled me until I had a logical look into some of the Entity properties.
  5. zeotrope

    Dune Island Terrian

    No scenario as yet. Just search "DUNE" in Workshop and work with Gamemaster for now
  6. zeotrope

    Dune Island Terrian

    Heads up ! Dune Island - Beta just released on The Workshop. Will be updating / refining until I'm happy it's done. Enjoy.
  7. zeotrope

    Grass on road problem

    Maybe you are aware and if so disregard this......but when you are in the paint tool, hold down ALT and click once and move to a new area and click again etc. This paints along a linear line and can help with things like roads etc. Just a thought.
  8. Happens to me from time to time. Just save, close and reopen enfusion. Seems to fix it.
  9. zeotrope

    Grass on road problem

    Same. So I guess there should be a checkbox within the spline that eliminates grass. Maybe we are missing something. Maybe there is an entity that we place on the spline the does just that
  10. zeotrope

    Grass on road problem

    I saw your screenshot. not really sure what this issue is. Did you use a spline to make the road ? I have a dirt road on my terrain. It's a spline curve based road that follows the terrain etc. I place the road through a grassy field and the first problem was the "mountain grass" showing through the road. I used the PAINT tool (selected dirt) and painted away the grass. If this isn't your issue than please explain the situation. Your screenshot references a sat map. Is your road not showing on your imported sat map ?
  11. zeotrope

    Need help with paint tool bug

    Haven't come across this bug yet. Could it be the water level / seabed being the same height and causing this ?
  12. zeotrope

    Arma Reforger - Videos

    Still working on this Island but thought I would show off my WIP.
  13. zeotrope

    Creating Terrain Broken?

    Thanks Reaper. Good to see there is an interim solution while we wait for the official fix 🙂
  14. zeotrope

    Dune Island Terrian

    Ok well thanks for the heads-up. Hope it gets sorted soon
  15. zeotrope

    Dune Island Terrian

    Thanks. Yeah haven't noticed the issue. Most likely due to the fact that I created the terrain prior to the problem !?