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  1. How do I get the air extraction module to work. I thought I just had to place it?
  2. Supersix2

    Helo - Transport Unload (ZEUS)

    Yup, can confirm that for transport unload using an mh9 or uh80 and a squad getting in...I assign transport unload and the helicopter flies to it and then stops. are we to sync or place a get out for the troops is that what im missing?
  3. Supersix2

    Helo - Transport Unload (ZEUS)

    What i did was set the helicopter to land at one point and once they do for now hit G. Not sure how to sync yet though. Also, make sure the squad is selected and not the heli crew also.
  4. Supersix2

    Order choppter to landing

    NVM, figured it out! had a curator mod enabled along with arma3 zeus i noticed!
  5. Supersix2

    Order choppter to landing

    I try that and it doesn't work. I'm doing this in the editor and not a set mission.
  6. Supersix2

    Order choppter to landing

    Has that feature been put in yet? I was trying to access it today to start having some fun with air assaults and wasn't able to access it.
  7. Supersix2

    Zeus Discussion (dev branch)

    Is it possible yet to have the AI dismount from choppers? Everytime i load them up and want to drop them off I need to reduce fuel to 0 because if I hit G the heli doesn't realize that and attempt to insert them and the guys in back must be wasted since they just decide to jump out with no chutes lol. Anything or still being worked on?
  8. Has anyone gotten Zeus to work on the A3MP or even these? I seem to get a cfg patch error when I try.
  9. Supersix2

    Attack & Defend, Sector Control Module

    So the only way to play co-op with my friends and be zeus with objectives is to create a game logic then just remote control the unit? That's funny that I can't play as Zeus and a player and not be able to set the objective. I can place opfor, blufor, indi, civ units all day give them respawns but i can't set an objective? This needs to be fixed.
  10. So whenever I place one of these objectives I am unable to select OPFOR as the defender or occupant for both modules. The flag does not show. I can see civ and ind flag still but no opfor. All I've placed down in the editor is a player named master and the zeus game master module and it's name is master so it syncs. Any idea's on anything else I might need to add? I've gotten vas working on it along with alive, however, thats my only problem is that i cant set opfor as the defender.
  11. Hey guys great mod! My only question is why does the units being placed in TAOR why do they always move to the outside of it rather then patrolling through? I dont place opcom and the have waypoints? I thought opcom controlled them?
  12. Is there a way to remove the hotkeys you have? I can't stand having A/B as E since that's rudder now and having S as lower and raise tailhook is also very annoying since im using that to adjust my attitude on final. Thanks for the help!
  13. Supersix2

    Better SLI support?

    Hey I'm currently running GTX570's in SLI and my screen has a constant tearing just when starting up. I've read that they're in work with Nvidia and so forth to help with these issues. Is there any reason to think that this will be soon or probably not until release? BTW, i run off just one when playing ARMA 3 due to the tearing.