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  1. Trying to extract AI team while being fired at would be simpler with a single command as opposed to one for each unit is all. The fact that its possible to create a working radio trigger to disembark the entire team from a vehicle at once I figured there would be a way to do the opposite.
  2. Yeah, it use to be judging by the threads I was reading. I guess my point is if "orderGetIn" is boolean and the "assignasCargo" is just to associate the unit with a specific vehicle. What is left to give the command to order the unit to "get in". I tried putting the assignascargo in each of the units init field and then only use the "orderGetIn" in the radio trigger but in game it doesn't work. I don't get any errors but it just doesn't do anything.
  3. {_x moveincargo Bird} foreach units Alpha; (units Alpha) ordergetin true; This works. The only problem is it teleports the units and yourself into the helicopter instead of ordering them to get in and allowing them to walk to the helicopter. When I try to use "commandGetIn" in place of "moveincargo" I get a blank error message saying i'm missing a ";" somewhere. What I am looking for is a radio command that allows the player to issue one radio command to load his team into a vehicle. I already have a working disembark radio command that tells them all to get out. All of the threads on this are 1k days old.
  4. I currently have a "Guarded by OPFOR" trigger around the objective. I have 4 patrols in the city. I made a switch trigger activated by BLUFOR. I linked this trigger with all patrol leaders and then made a new Guard Waypoint for each patrol. The new way point originates from the cycle way point. So my question is will each patrol have to reach their "cycle" way point even though the switch trigger is activated before they will move to their new guard waypoint? Also will one patrol at a time attempt to guard the trigger or will they all attempt to guard the trigger at once? The wiki makes it sound like only one will move to guard until they are fleeing or destroyed and then the next will move in. I can kind of see this working when I test it but they're not getting to the object to defend it quickly enough.
  5. Is it possible to have (best way to describe it sorry) hooks into units that spawn? For instance once the group has spawned from a particular marker is there a way to use a trigger to essentially hook that unit so I can control things like giving them way points and changing their behavior? I was avoiding asking if you could add additional parameters for these things if there was a way for me to do it externally. Something like what this thread is talking about: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152935-Naming-a-group-created-in-a-script-when-you-call-the-script
  6. I really hope they implement whatever it is that iRacing uses to get rid of the horrible side stretch of the side monitors. Looking around holding alt makes me motion sick with the way it is right now.
  7. This did work but all of a sudden all text in my task description after the start of the < simply isn't there when previewing my mission. EDIT: Apparently you can't name your markers with an underscore like this: mkr_markername. The underscore kills it. I removed it and it started working again.
  8. JMOxx75

    [Dr_Cox1911] Hostage Script

    Thanks, that worked. I get it now as well.
  9. JMOxx75

    [Dr_Cox1911] Hostage Script

    I initialized my captives with setCaptive true and disableAI "Move" so they don't run all over the map. What I can't figure out is when the code executes for them to join the players group how to re enable them to move and to cancel their captive status. I tried this: _arrayPOWs = [p1,p2,p3,p4];{[_x] setCaptive false; enableAI "MOVE";} forEach _arrayPOWs; p1 etc... are the names of my captives. I put this as the last line in the sqf file which only handles the join group action. I was hoping that when they joined the group these settings could be changed on all 4 of the captives. This isn't working though it says its expecting a ";".
  10. thanks Loyalguard that is exactly what I was looking for. However now that I see what they are I admit I wasn't looking close enough at the list of Arma commands.
  11. If you only have a handful of markers I just use: getMarkerColor "mkr6" == "ColorGreen"; for each marker. I have 7 markers in my largest mission but i usually only require one or two to be taken. Sometimes I use invisible markers for spawn locations but not for taking.
  12. Is it possible to add OPFOR mortar teams as an option, like how you have 1 squad + 1 vehicle could there be an option that says 1 squad + 1 mortar team? Just asking cause I don't like the idea of having "fake" arty that the players can't attack.
  13. I really did look at a lot of threads about this but didn't have any luck specifically. I am looking for a way to limit an air vehicle from activating a trigger unless they are at a certain distance or lower to the ground.
  14. Is this possible with EOS? I have player controlled helicopters in my mission that tend to spawn every marker around. I was wondering if I created the markers via script in my triggers on Act box would the EOS script still work even though the marker was created by a trigger? edit: Since if I understand it correctly the script on mission initialization gets all the information from the markers (position, name) to create the triggers used to spawn the units so if the marker doesn't exist yet then it never will according to the script getting the information in the beginning?
  15. I kept the trigger setup but instead of testing for triggerActivated with trigger name I instead went back into my triggers that I named ClearedPositionX and in the on Act block created the variable ClearedPositionX and then tested for all 3 variables in the trigger linked to the task state module. All of them worked according to the debugger except one of them. I think there was an Opfor hiding somewhere and I couldn't clear the area. Is there a debug command to kill Opfor in a radius?