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  1. Well, i wasn't online with steam when editing the file for the hint but it still remained ingame, other question just to be sure, i have only the .pbo in the steamapps MP folder, the files for the mission are in my download folder. Do i need to put all those files into the MPmission aswell, or do i have it right from following your advice of not unpacking inside the MPMissions folder. It's still not changing from anything i have moved around, again i am sorry about this lol. I am new to it, Thanks.
  2. Yeah i did find that, but it's not changing at all and remains the same, also seems like some hack or something is happening. When i had some people join earlier a message displayed saying something like "Thought you could get rid of me? Stop playing and go pester BIS, VE Mute 4" Something like that. I was thrown in the air and just kept going up and down. The message still persisted after i had even gone to the game's main menu, not the multiplayer list.
  3. Hey good job on your work with this, seems like your doing well. I just wanted to ask (If i'm allowed) am i able to change some details in the files, such as the welcome message and that hint that appears saying "JoSchaap wuz here" when using admin menu. I just tried changing some already and i wanted to add my own hint like you have yours. It's just they was still there after i editing lines in the files and re-done the .pbo, the .pbo was your ready made one so i kinda already assume that's the problem. But i'm new to this and just want to learn how to do stuff :) thanks and keep up the good work.