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  1. Hi guys, I am a 28 year old player from Sweden, currently looking for an active squad to join. I enjoy playing Wasteland. Not interested in playing against bots or AI´s. The squad/clan has to use voice communication. I am a teamplayer and hence looking for a good, social bunch of guys to play with. I see myself as a respectful, mature guy that enjoys good company. If your a clan/team that enjoys building bases, doing missions on multiplayer etc. Get in touch.
  2. Hi guys, (newb warning!) I have been looking and looking through the forums but found no specific reply to my question. Can someone please explain how you play "Stratis Life". I have read what it is about, but never how you actually play. Its always the same thing, I spawn in shorts and a t-shirt, nothing is happening except guys dressed exactly like me is running around in circles with nowhere to go. Cant enter vehicles,quads etc. How do you find vehicles? where do you get a drivers license? how do you get weapons? etc etc I am trying to see why this mod is so popular. But most of all, I am tired of running around in circles in shorts & a t-shirts and seeing others do the same.
  3. Thats why there are red triangle markers indicating there are mines there? The thing is that decent people are getting punished for something they can not be held responsible for (especially due to the red-triangles). I do not think the actions of a few (0.1%) (keep in mind u can still see the red-triangles) justifies the punishment of the majority.
  4. Some servers have that, but the thing is that 99.9% of the cases (speaking from experience), people press "punish" instead of "forgive" even though it was their own fault that they ignored the red-triangle, so they just pass the blame on someone else for the heck of it, and that guy gets punished and removed from his team of players that he is currently playing and enjoying himself with.
  5. If it could be proven that it was done unintentionally yes, but thats impossible. When it comes to the anti-personnel mines, in 99.9% if not 100% of the cases its unintentional on the part of the person placing the mine, the fact that there are big red triangles should suffice for the other teammates and the punishment should thereby be negated. No one can grab a persons neck in-game and force him to walk over a mine. For example, I dont know how valid this analogy is but some medication bottles over here where i live contain a red triangle on the label (indicating caution), if a person chooses to take that medication (when they are not for him specifically) and as a result of that he injures or dies, the medical company dont suffer any punishment, because they did what they were supposed to do, namely place that red triangle on the label of the bottle, indicating the danger.
  6. Regarding the mine-spawn abuse issue, that could possibly be taken care of with a small bit of scripting like someone above me said. So i dont really see how removing punishment for mines would be bad in any way, I mean its impossible for someone to grab ur neck in-game and force u to walk over a red-triangle, right? So i only see positives (could be wrong). Also, it removes alot of frustration due to people getting switched over to "independent" and not being able to play with their own clanmates/teammates or people they just met on the server for the first time and started to like and communinicate/cooperate with alot, because of something he had no choice over due to someone choosing to ignore a big red triangle on the ground. I dont think this should be punished, it ruins the experience, not the game but the experience. My 2 cents.
  7. What do yall think about receiving punishment after friendlies walk over your Anti-Personnel mines? I can understand that you receive punishment due to killing a team-mate using ur main or secondary gun - because the game has no way of determining if it was intentional or not. But i think that when it comes to anti-personnel mines, it is quite obvious that 99.9% of the time, if not 100% it is not about intentional ROE, but rather people who ignore the red-triangle and just walk over them anyway. I dont think you should get punished for this, if anything (going on a lim here) the person walkin on the mine should be punished for destroying it, that way team-mates will be forced to pay more attention next time because the red-triangle over the mine is quite obvious for everyone to see. I think that is a much better & productive way of getting rid of future team-killing (unintentional!) due to anti-personnel mines. So I dont find that you should get punished for it. Your thoughts?
  8. Hi people, I am a 27 year old guy from Sweden looking for an active + big Arma 3 clan to join (european or north american doesnt matter). I am relatively new to Arma, been playing mostly Wasteland. I do know the basics of the game, but still learning more and more. I love teamplay, playing in groups using voice communication. The only requirements I have are the following: - English speaking clan. - Voice communication. - Arma 3 as the main game. - Mature. - Consists of members that are 20+ in terms of age. - Very active ( not talking about 2+3 players active everyday, but more than that) - Fairly big clan that welcomes new players regardless of skill level. PS: Not interested in clans that say they are playing Arma 3, but later when u go to their Teamspeak, u see 3 guys playing Arma 3 and 16 guys playing other games. Feel free to send me a PM.
  9. I dont see the spot your seeing.
  10. Hi guys, can someone explain this to me. Alot of times when i check the inventory of a truck or quad etc and I find for example a Primary weapon, its impossible for me to take it even though I do not even have a primary, but at the same time I am able to extract all other things that are found but the weapon no. I tried to right click nothing happens, double click, nothing happens. I know how to take stuff from the inventory to mine as I do it all the time, but with weapons sometimes it work, many other times it doesnt. Anyone have any idea why?
  11. Ah ok thanks guys, yes I am running the main branch so thats why.
  12. is there an update called 0.55 104588 like post #474 claims ? Have there been a solution to the hack issue yet? If so why have not my Steam updated Arma3 since its on "always look for updates" Anyone?
  13. People need to realize what they paid for, including this Alpha. This is a testing period, and you paid for this testing period so stop complaining that things arent going the way you expected.
  14. It is an Alpha, why would there be anti-cheat implemented when this release is meant for testing & when the full game is not even completed? This alpha is meant to be tested, so naturally things are gonna happen. Whats most important is that these things do happen now so the devs can deal with it and prevent it from happening in the full release. I would much rather something like this happened now in the Alpha rather than in the full game later on.