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    cannot see names of allies

    When I point my reticle at ANYONE it says "rifleman" or "combat life saver" or "squad leader" Never names like before. I reinstalled Arma today and now I CANNOT find the setting to change it back where I can see names like Smith.J or Pvt.Pile.... only rifleman.. WHERE IS THE SETTING TO CHANGE THIS?~!?!?!?!?!?! It is not a server setting as it happens on EVERY server. No one seems to know how to change it. ---------- Post added at 06:45 ---------- Previous post was at 06:10 ---------- you may close mods.. the option if anyone wants to know.. is STREAM FRIENDLY UI... you enable that you can't see names..
  2. Darkpriest667


    Go play call of duty or battlefield then sweetheart. On the real "battlefield" snipers kill you in one shot. Which is exactly why they are usually chosen to be snipers. Don't cry here I ain't yer momma.
  3. Darkpriest667


    Anyone crying about balancing can go to the latest hash of COD or Battlefield. We don't want/need it here. From what I have seen so far the run and gun FPS crowd hates even Arma 3. Good for them, they'll play the game for 20 minutes. Realize it might take half an hour to even encounter an enemy and move on. That just leaves the hackers and cheaters to worry about.
  4. Darkpriest667

    Hacked by a player with no ID

    Oh Charlie I didn't know that a gaming being in alpha state was an excuse to be a jerk to the entire community. I hope that BI finds out who this guy is and sues him or at least has him arrested.
  5. Darkpriest667

    Hacked by a player with no ID

    Apparently some jerk who has a hard on to make lives miserable for everyone else is attacking every server and will not stop until someone mentions the 819 or BIS (cant tell because of the in game font) scripting library. Jackass... a thread has been made.. knock it off.. some of us have limited time to actually play the game. Why don't you email or start a thread yourself instead of griefing the entire community?