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    Hacked by a player with no ID

    Annoying script kiddie since I know you are reading this: When I was young I broke into an alarmed construction yard at night in all black to steal the blueprints to a new McDonalds that my whole county was in protest of. Set the construction back a month. Script kiddies take a lesson here - go do something that actually takes balls to pull off. You're smart enough to manipulate code, go join Annon or something useful. Bohemia is a small, honest company, we're just bored gamers, and you "hacked" an alpha build that has no security. It's not making anyone "rage" - it's just depressing to see your generation waste your talents on something so... pointless. You demand attention on the forums? So lame, you can do better.
  2. I'm new to Arma 3. I gotta say, getting started has been duanting. I guess I'm just here to say, with Arma 3 you are getting a lot of exposure and visibility and there has got to be some resources for new players coming in. I've been picking up bits and pieces from other players, but no one wants to hold a noob's hand for that long. A PDF Guide, or a YouTube tutorial would go a long long way. -Basic Movement (ADS took me a few minutes to find) -Multiplayer basics (How to ID teammates/emenies, chat channels, etc) -Map/Environment Tips (how to find stuff on the map, map legend, and where to find Ammo/Cash/Guns/Etc) It's only my second time playing the game so I'm not expecting to have/understand everything off the bat, but I feel completely abandonded. I love the feel of this game, and am eager to get over this learning curve. Any help would be greatly appreciated!