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  1. interesting addon but i wonder what is the point of the indicator when you have crosshairs/or at least the center of the screen. can i turn the indicator off ? thx
  2. yeah i'm one of these people. i fully understand what you mean - i was working in several modding and indie game projects - and there were always people trying to bring in there visions/ideas which can lead to problems. but we are talking about stalker and maybe about roadside picnic, it not some random-post-apocalyptic-scifi-theme where everything is possibly. in my opinion the stalker universe is very unique - there a certain rules for the zone and therefor there is not much room for different visions. so many projects working on a similar goal/identical goal but instead of working together many projects prefer to work on their own and in the end most of those projects die at some point. in the case of nova zona i think it would be better to work together with others. however i wish you good luck
  3. before you try this you should get rid of your "i work alone"-mentality and try to find dedicated people willing to help you. no need for a big team ... you should be the lead of the project's team to retain YOUR vision.
  4. goutofashion

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    hmm looks good. but did you think about license issues with terminator based content ? i would try to contact the current owners before they will contact you telling you you are not allowed to create this.
  5. hello when you say there is no need for edge splitting do you mean i should avoid it (i like to use edge splitting in blender) ? thx for infos and thx for your addon :)
  6. oh sry and thx yes like i said they are pretty close to what i want and if nobody is interested in helping (makes no sense to do that on my own at this point... it would take ages to learn the development) i'll just use the existing tier one units. thx
  7. hi, i wanted to create a few missions and i was searching for some particular units - special forces sporting traditional civil clothing, pmc's and similar mercenaries (mainly for missions in the hindukusch area and central asia but fitting in other regions as well), only to learn all the existing units are not finished or just not what i was looking for. the closest thing to what i want are tier one operators by mc nools - actually those are pretty close but they miss a feature to change headgear and something like the great pistol holster script by norrin. well long story short: since i'm experienced in texturing and modeling in general i thought why not start a addon/mod for arma2. but after a short amount of time and alot of frustration in the process to set up all the tools etc. i wondered, is it worth the time to create something for arma2 at this point when alot of people already switching to arma3 (especially if i have to learn most of the process for arma2 development) ? so is it worth the time to start something for arma2 now? + is anybody interested in helping me ? thx