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  1. Are there clans or squads that play mostly late nights? I work second shift (1500 hrs to 2300 hrs) so I usually do not get on Arma 3 until 2330 hrs or so. I have been playing mostly SP missions and/or the showcases but would really like to play online with a group of tactical based people. I am looking for a somewhat laid back group without mandatory time requirements. I am a police officer so my hours can change all the time which does not allow me to meet strict session times. My steam name is BDHX2 and my in game name is LawDawg. Guess I put this in the wrong section, Oops.
  2. BDHX2

    Want to start a Arma 3 clan?

    Sounds like what I am looking for. I sent a friend request on Steam. I am interested to hear more.