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  1. ================================================== ================================================== ============================== Squad name: Le Clan MAKO Timezone/location: UTC+1 - France Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop for the most Contact email: clan-mako@orange.fr Website address: www.clan-mako.fr Short description: Co-op clan searching for mature members 18+, who knows how to play seriously while being able to have a laugh. A friendly clan faithful to bohemia since 2002 and operation flashpoint. We're switching over to Arma 3. hey bro !! come and keep this clan living for 10 years more Language: FRENCH ================================================== ================================================== ==============================
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    that is very interesting because in first person it s often dificult to know how we stand thanks a lot for your work
  3. Thorgan

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    vous avez été rapides les gars !!! bon boulot
  4. hooo that s great thanks a lot