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  1. eraser1

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I messed around in Tanoa for a couple hours yesterday. Found a few issues (some may have been fixed already, I didn't check, but I just now managed to write this): Object Rendering Issue: https://youtu.be/oV6BcEVO6mU Color-Shifting Cinder Blocks: https://youtu.be/XQgkRv_B-Xg Player Object De-Render in a certain type of house: https://youtu.be/xv407z4eI4I Invisible Hitbox (On Tanoa Airport): https://youtu.be/lZrufraYyPA Also, floating cinder block prop (position and classname in top right): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/267216579573529429/004E98A5B6ACAB1C315C33BF6E416661E6EE68F4/
  2. Yep... my DayZ Epoch server is having the same issue. As soon as headless client joins, it skyrockets everybody's ping skyrockets, and as soon as I shut off the headless client it goes back to normal. The weird part is that it was working fine for the first couple of minutes, and then it just randomly started spiking everybody's ping. Anybody got any ideas?
  3. eraser1

    Cave Assault v1

    Thanks a lot! If there are any errors, please tell me so I can fix them (if possible).
  4. eraser1

    Cave Assault v1

    It's currently 20v20. You're welcome to modify it to increase/decrease it or whatever you want with it. Make sure you copy paste the init line from the pre-existing soldiers though, otherwise those soldier won't have unlimited sprint. (unless you prefer that)
  5. eraser1

    Cave Assault v1

    Thanks for your reply! Please download the updated mission and tell me how it goes! :)
  6. eraser1

    Cave Assault v1

    Cave Assault is a fun mission made by =OSF=eraser1. Blufor has 30 minutes to attack a hidden cave held by Opfor. A Blufor unit has to stand in the cap point for 10 seconds (it will be hinted when the unit is in the cap area, and when he has left), and Opfor will be hinted when a Blufor unit has entered the cave area and if/when he stands in the cap point. Both sides have plenty helicopters, armor/transport, boats, SDV's, as well as a vehicle service pad. All vehicles respawn in the game at the starting point. Blufor can teleport to a staging island (with a small transport chopper, boats, and SDV's), and Opfor can teleport directly to the cave. Infantry fatigue is disabled (unlimited sprint, aim unaffected by running). Mission size is currently 20v20, and it can be increased/decreased to whatever you prefer. Remember to copy/paste the init line of the pre-existing soldiers onto the new soldiers, or they won't have unlimited sprint (unless that's what you prefer). To do: -Implement a ticket respawn system for Blufor, so Opfor wins after ~100 Blufor lives are taken (can be adjusted). -Clean up the scripts/triggers (if somebody teaches me how :-| ). -Allow people to choose loadout. -Allow people to customize loadouts and create classes (if somebody teaches me how lol). -Any other things you suggest me to do :) Known Issues: Briefing/credits in the map do not work for JIP (Join in Progress) players. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/90h7bwrny0rpzg5/CaveAssault.Stratis.pbo P.S.: This is my first mission in ArmA 3. Please try it out and let me know what you think. I know I could do things a lot better in the mission, but I lack the scripting know-how to do any better. If you have any suggestions and are willing to help, add me on xfire/steam: "hackinz", and/or leave a post below. Thanks! Credits: I really appreciate the help of these forums and that of ArmaHolic in the scripts and technical support they have provided. I could not have made this mission without the help of the forums unless I went and learned how to script myself, which I probably would not have done. I thank the writers of the different scripts for making their work public, and forum posts with constructive responses to those who have faced similar issues I have. Changelog: v1.1: -Upon consulting my clanmates, I found that finding the cave proved too difficult if nobody played as diver and got in an SDV, so I made it visible as an objective marker to everyone. -U.S. Divers now respawn with init lines.
  7. eraser1

    Magnetic rock formations

    Rocks in ArmA? How to avoid being glitched by them? lol The ArmA series is notorious for its glitchy rocks. ArmA 3 is a great improvement over arma 2 in that aspect (so far that I have noticed), but it still inherits the spirit of glitchiness with them. If you wanna prevent rock glitches, avoid rocks, period. There is no other way in the arma series.
  8. I think you have to set ticketsWest, because the BIS_fnc_respawnTickets (in your format) is to increase the amount of tickets by 5. It would probably work by placing in a trigger, west gets rewarded with extra 5 tickets. I will be trying your code now (adapting it for my mission of course), and try report how it goes. EDIT: I tried it, and nothing worked. I even put the ticket checker in a trigger, but it still didn't do anything. I will just be using a timer for my mission until someone figures out how to make the tickets work properly.
  9. eraser1

    Respawn Ticket System?

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was getting a syntax error that closed my game with or without putting them in quotation marks. Here is the exact message, with the syntax you suggested: File C:\Users...\MPMissions\MissionName\description.ext, line 3: Config: .: 'w' encountered instead of ']' I then put that code you suggested in the init.sqf, but then I returned to the error with Error undefined variable in expression: _var (see above post). I then took out initPlayerLocal.sqf, but the only difference was the black box error message was gone. I read the wiki page over about 3 times yesterday, and once again just now, but I don't see what I'm doing wrong. I'm going to read through the thread falcon so humorously posted :icon_mrgreen: and see if I can find any ancient Biki wisdom for myself there. :p EDIT: I read over the thread, and saw that I need to make a trigger that checks for ticketnum<=0. The issue is, I don't really know how to. My haphazard attempts were shot down by syntax errors, and I ended up making a trigger as follows: Type: Lose Activation: Anybody Condition: ticketnum<=0 Obviously I missed something (I think it's the check part), and/or ticketnum<=0 has to be in the activation field. Any ideas? Thanks, =OSF=eraser1
  10. eraser1

    Respawn Ticket System?

    I still don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do. I visited that page before, and I still don't completely understand the call action (probably because my lack of scripting knowledge). Is it supposed to set how many tickets each faction gets? Like: ["West",("100","False")] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; If so, where do I even put it? Desciption.ext or init.sqf? Also, when I tried using it before, it gave me an error along the lines of " instead of ] like it was expecting a bracket instead of a quote. Of course, I probably completely misunderstand the concept of this call function, and am using it improperly. If you could please look through my above posted code and tell me what's wrong with it, again, I would be in your debt.
  11. eraser1

    Respawn Ticket System?

    I tried both the methods Moricky suggested (using the respawn template guide and the initPlayerLocal.sqf), but to no avail. In addition, whenever I launched the mission with initPlayerLocal.sqf in the mission, I got a black box error claiming: '...tVariable ["BIS_fnc_respawnTickets_var",|#|_var];' Error undefined variable in expression: _var File: ...\MPMissions\MissionName.Stratis\initPlayerLocal.sqf, line 2 I am trying to make it so that when Blufor use up 100 tickets trying to attack a certain area, Opfor wins. I temporarily set it to 3 tickets for testing purposes (cause I'm not gonna spend the time killing 100 Blufor units to test it), but it doesn't work at all. See code below: My description.ext: respawn = "3"; respawndelay = "3"; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"Tickets","EndMission"}; my init.sqf: ticketsWest = "3"; and my initPlayerLocal.sqf: if (side group player == west) then {"ticketsWest"}; player setVariable ["BIS_fnc_respawnTickets_var",_var]; P.S.: This is my first "serious" ArmA 3 mission ever, and this is the last bit of the mission that I need in order to complete my mission. Unfortunately, I have virtually no knowledge of coding :confused: and I have made it thus far thanks to the help of Google, Armaholic, and these forums. Any help will be greatly appreciated:pray:, and may be rewarded with an awesome PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME dance!
  12. eraser1

    Respawn Ticket System?

    accidental double post