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  1. Mattykevlar

    @RSPack_1 - Orca Reskin For Arma 3

    Mate, I cannot thank you enough :) keep up the good work!
  2. Mattykevlar

    C-130J Port Release

    AC-130? pretty please? with a cherry on top? :cool:
  3. Mattykevlar

    @RSPack_1 - Orca Reskin For Arma 3

    Foxhound = LEGEND!!! Cheers mate! wouldn't happen to be able to do a Vic Police and a Vic Air Ambulance version by any chance???
  4. Mattykevlar

    ADF Uncut

    MRH-90 Scheme for the CH-49? LAV-25 Scheme for the AMV-7 Marshall? Thoughts?
  5. Mattykevlar

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    WEAPON REPLACEMENT MOD I would like someone to create a mod that replace's the BLUFOR weapon (MX) in the default loadouts with the FN2000 or something. that would be awesome. Oh! and if someone could replace the standard MX textures with black textures that would be great. Thanks, Kevlar:cool:
  6. Mattykevlar

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Oh Hell Yes!!!!! xD
  7. Mattykevlar

    Fast Transitions Mod

    does this stop the whole "i have to stop to switch my weapon" eg. Rifle to handgun and back? if not is it possible you could look into that? :)
  8. It would be "Garand" if you could put this in its own personal ammo box for the editor? :)
  9. Mattykevlar

    RH wip Thread

  10. Alright fair enough, thanks dude :cool:
  11. that was quick! thankyou a heap! and will do. also i suggest maybe taking that link out? ---------- Post added at 17:08 ---------- Previous post was at 16:44 ---------- wait one. not complaining but the vest's are still green not camo, and they're all still wearing helmets :/