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  1. Is it possible to preview lamps placed in the eden editor without having to preview the mission?
  2. mat10193

    Editor Lamps

    I know this may seem like a dumb question, but i have tried googling it and have not found the answer. I am trying to place lamps down in the editor and would like to preview how they look when i place them down. Is there a way to make placed lamps turn on in the editor itself without having to preview the mission?
  3. Hello, I was able to update my bohemia account nickname, but i cant seem to figure out how to change my forums account nick name, if possible
  4. mat10193

    GUI Box

    nvrmd, removing the "hit" event handlers at the end of the script that were added by the script to the targets fixed my issue
  5. ok, if you do need my help, just PM me and ill see what i can do
  6. now is this something you think you could code, or would you like some help with it?
  7. ok, and no, thats not what i meant. I just wanted to know what you wanted the script to do. The script i was thinking of would grab the players UID and assign them an insignia based on their UID. the only issue with this script is that everytime you get a new person that joins your unit. The way i think i can get around having to edit each mission is having an addon that everyone would subscribe to (i believe, not sure if just the host can subscribe) that would serve the function that the mission would call upon and everytime you get a new person in your clan, you would update the function and add them to the function. Now in "onPlayerRespawn.sqf", you would have it call upon the function that was created in the addon.
  8. now do you want the mission to assign them the insignia automatically or have a menu to where they can assign their own insignia? because if it is the first, every time you get a new player, you would have to update the mission so it knows what insignia to assign them.
  9. when do you want the mission to call upon this script? when someone respawns? or every couple of seconds?
  10. mods like outfit gear allow you to change what is called your insignia, I believe. so there must be a script that can accomplish the same thing. I'm not on my computer, but when I am, I could look to see if I can figure out a script that can do so
  11. mat10193

    GUI Box

    thank you all for your help, i have it fixed now, but i ran into a small issue. i am trying to change the number of hits back to zero after all of the targets have been done, but it keeps adding up the amount of hits overtime Im sure there is a better way to organize this and make it more efficient, but im still a bit of a noob when it comes to scripting
  12. mat10193

    GUI Box

    nevermind, i got it to work, but now my target script isnt working right, i want it to pop up a number of random targets, one at a time, and the user has a limited time to hit them before they pop down. and it isnt working right, it either pops them up and down really quick in succession, or doesnt pop them down starttargets.sqf timer.sqf
  13. mat10193

    GUI Box

    That didn't work. It gave me "generic error"
  14. Hello, i need some help with my gui box. What I am trying to do is to have a list of options to select that will set certain variables that will be called upon in a script that pops up targets. But when i call upon the variables, they always return 0 no matter what. Description.ext Init.sqf scripts\range\init.sqf Defines.hpp Controls.hpp executedialog.sqf
  15. Hello, I am trying to create a script that spawns in objects, and then a separate script that deletes them. I am able to figure out how to spawn them in, but i cant figure out how to get them to delete in the other script. I am able to get them to delete in the same script, but not in another script. This is my spawning script: fjust got it to work