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  1. mat10193

    Shout town script

    i am not going to have the targets pop back up after being shot
  2. mat10193

    Shout town script

    Nevermind, I got it working, the code i have now is: Thank you for your help!
  3. mat10193

    Shout town script

    alright, that part is working, now i am having a problem with the script ending once all of the enemy targets are hit. this is what i have:
  4. mat10193

    Shout town script

    Thanks for the response, I will try this as soon as I get home!
  5. mat10193

    Shout town script

    they are groups of pop up targets, i want the script to be able to detect when one of them is hit
  6. mat10193

    Shout town script

    so here is what i have so far: set1.sqf: but i keep getting this error message:
  7. Hello, I am having a bit of difficulty writing a script to do what i want it to do, and I have tried to search google, but I have not have much luck. I am trying to write a script that pops up a certain set of targets, that much i have down, but i need it to be able to detect when all enemy targets are down and if any one of the civilian targets gets shot. What I am having difficulty scripting is for the mission to be able to detect when certain targets are hit and when certain ones are not. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. sorry for the late reply, work has been super busy. First, thank you all for your replies. Yes, i only want the sound to play once. and yes, when i changed the time from a single value to a range, it seemed to work better. @HazJ I will try what you suggested and post my results and also try to clean up my code. I am still a little new to writing scripts in Arma, I have the general idea and can make some simple scripts, but still learning to make better ones, so anything i can do to improve is great.
  9. what do you mean by closing some of the if statements
  10. nope, this is what i have in my script and it is giving me an access violation error and my arma CTD's the previous spoiler did nothing, so i have been trying a few different things and this is what i have right now: i was testing to see if the playsound3d was causing the CTD, so in the test. i have: and the daytime thing seems to work, but it spams the hint in the time range i have set up.
  11. this is what i have, but it is not doing anything I think i realize what i did wrong
  12. EDIT thanks, so false tells it to not terminate
  13. yeah sorry, i want a sounds to play at certain times over loudspeakers. i am concerned, however, that if i just tell it to play at, say noon, that it will only do it once and then the script will terminate and not go back to the start.
  14. ok, i am assuming this would only work for only one task, how would i do this for multiple tasks at multiple different times a day. Sorry for not being specific before.
  15. Hello, I am looking to create a script that will execute an action at a certain time each day, not just on one day.