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  1. Spec's: https://pastebin.com/q2D0simH DXDIAG: https://pastebin.com/43nh2uff The Game somewhat starts, but is only showing in the Task-Manager, as You can see here: https://imageshack.com/a/img922/3716/00P5cu.jpg There is no Game-Window etc.pp. showing-up. When I try to start the game in "windowed Mode", then I get this here: ... but the game starts at least. So how do we fix this ?
  2. tonschuh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Luckily that I never upgraded for ARMA-3 in the past. A CPU + MoBo - Upgrade would most likely help, but as the fps-amount is getting lower and lower over the time, you are investing even more money only to try to stay on an fps-amount from ~6-9 month ago, which is really unbelievable. One day we have to play on the lowest settings just to be able to get 25-30fps, if we are unable to keep upgrading our PC's regularly. :(
  3. tonschuh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I may upgrade my MoBo + CPU after I got a better screen. The sad thing is, that the fps went further down, since I had a look into it last time:
  4. tonschuh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I thought after I swapped my 2x GTX780-Ti-GHz-Edition-3GB (under Water) with 2x GTX980-Ti-OC-STRIX-6GB (not under water yet), that I would come back and have a fast bench of the game and had big hopes, because I didn't touch the game for quite some time, but here are the depressing numbers: Dev-Build v1.53.132245 Stratis: Low: 87fps Standard: 71fps High: 54fps Very High: 43fps Ultra: 35fps My Rig, except the GPU's: Click My GPU's think, that I'm still in 2D-Mode when doing then Benchmarks, because they don't even enter the Boost-State, not that they would need the Boost. :huh:
  5. tonschuh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    DX12 Can Handle 600K Draw Calls, Increasing AMD GPU Performance by 600% DirectX 12 early tests: 400% performance increase on AMD GPUs, 150% on Nvidia So just wait and everything will become awesome, or maybe not ? :bounce3:
  6. Yeah, I would say so. I'm unfortunately unable to push the CPU any further. :)
  7. PhysX is CPU-only in ARMA-3 and can't be turned off. :)
  8. Maxed-Out-Settings @1920x1080: Stratis = 31fps Altis = 16fps :)
  9. Yeah, there was already not much of a difference between running my rig with a GTX670-OC / 2x GTX680-SOC or now the 2x GTX780-Ti-GHz-Edition. I already use 2400MHz-RAM and my CPU doesn't let me push it any further. If I want to have more power for other games, then I have to go for a new MoBo + CPU + DDR4, but I will most likely only get a ROG-Swift-Screen within the next 6 month or so. :)
  10. It's unfortunately not impressive, but I didn't try it maxed-out this time. Just tried the normal "Ultra"-Profile: http://imageshack.com/a/img538/1039/qfueU5.jpg (130 kB) May try it completely maxed-out on the weekend if I have some spare-time. @forteh: I luckily didn't upgrade for ARMA-3 alone. ;)
  11. My (upgraded) Rig: Stratis @Ultra-Settings = 42fps Altis @Ultra-Settings = 39fps After water-cooling my GPU's as well and pushing the Core-Voltage up to 1.313V and pushing the Clocks from 1150MHz / 7000MHz to 1431MHz / 7354MHz and even pushing the Power-Target to 130% via Bios-Mod, I gained 3fps in the Stratis-Benchmark and 2fps in the Altis-Benchmark. I'm really amazed ! :)
  12. tonschuh

    After new DLC today, game won't launch

    It seems to be NOT Windows-8.1-related, as mine is loading fine (Dev.-Branch). :)
  13. I still wonder why some get more fps with faster RAM and some not. There seems to be no pattern. :confused:
  14. tonschuh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Thanks for the info ! :)
  15. tonschuh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    -exThreads as well ? :confused: