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  1. flex

    Eden Feature Requests

    agreed! i was really wondering why nobody asked this in the stream: will you be able to change the loadout with the integration of virtual arsenal?! besides that great work so far on the editor!!
  2. flex

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    live and let live bro. you were talking about marketing.. maybe thats what this is. if not i don't get the value of this post. no matter what i find your post just inappropriate and kind of insulting (not just for lordjarhead). if you can, do "better" work then let people decide if they like your mod better than jsrs (or sos or others). no need to try force others to think same as you do. i personally picked jsrs because it adds atmosphere that vanilla and any available mod couldn't offer. i don't care much about soundquality as long as it has a certain standard and i test every new sound mod to see or rather hear for myself if it sounds "good" for me. i wouldn't hesitate a second to use a different mod if it sounded more appealing to me... even your mod (when its finished). you know why lordjarhead is so popular in this community? because he has worked on his mods for arma for quite a long time and is willing to improve with every new version (thats probably the reason why he was invited). additionally i haven't seen a post him bashing another community members creation. just one thing for me left to say keep your educated opinion to yourselve or at least stick to your own thread if its not good for anything...
  3. flex

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    i would agree on that. additionally the slow speed of the loading mechanism really makes no sense. would probably even cause jaming in rl
  4. flex


    ^^ probably should have read it more carefully...
  5. yeah thats true^^ already read about that issue. good to know that its going to be fixed soon. thanks man i really hope its not my hardware giving up :pray:
  6. just out of curiosity. did anyone else see a significant DEcrease in FPS since the latest patch?! i recently upgraded my gpu (gtx 970) and got pretty decent results. 50-70 FPS on ultra + blastcore and other stuff (i always benchmark my settings with the combined arms showcase). but since the patch i get like 30-40 fps max. (on high settings though) even without any mod being active (with mods ~30 FPS).
  7. flex


    did you check if your logo works before uploading. it hast to be 256x256 and needs to be exported as an .tga wihout compression and then saved as .paa file.
  8. we are witnessing lags aswell (since the alst update). not really playable for us atm
  9. flex

    Tilos : Greek Island

    this map is already great and is probably going to be awesome when finished. Just two small things first: the street next to the concrete boardwalk in the south village has some strange bumbs second: the sandbag bunkers in the fob are not usable atm.. you cant get an proper viewing angle down the hill to shoot at advancing enemies keep up the outstanding work
  10. flex

    RH M4/M16 pack

    actually rh's weapon pack is not compatible with asdg without additional configs. you can find those in the 0.9v (an older version) of asdg_jr. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167522-ASDG-Joint-Rails just download it from the dev heaven link (2.link in the 1.post) after that you need to copy the two "asdg_jointrails_rh_m4" files from the "opt" folder into your up to date asdg_jr addons (steamapps/common) folder and it should work
  11. flex

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    hey there, i know this mod is more about coop rather than ai gameplay, but i was wondering if you have any plans and/or interest to make the ai be able to revive players? since agm really is the only mod i've seen so far that is able to prevent death in all cases this would be a great feature. i'm sure there are a lot of guys (like me) who like playing with ai in their squads and don't really have a working alternative atm. this would be much appreaciate possibly maybe? :)
  12. thanks for your hard work toadie! really appreciated
  13. flex

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    wow, i really hope someone at bohemia watch this video...... :blush: very well done though, thanks for releasing this!!!
  14. flex

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    awesome as always!! :love::love: love you :love::love:
  15. flex

    Jurassic Arma

    the jungle video is freakin amazing, same for the raptor preview! just amazing dude!