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  1. "Pick Up drivers throw trash & stuff drop from back of the truck" Glad to see you got that ingame, I haven't had the time to check it out yet but I will when I get home. Did you sort out the vehicle part collision problem and fix the velocity?
  2. Scoobysnacks

    No textures on terrain

    Just want to say how happy I am to see the game devs helping out on the forums.
  3. You got it my friend. Dark and gritty is exactly what we are going for. (I wish we could release some current screenshots - hopefully we can soon)
  4. Kiory has already made some great work for the mod. With the other two modellers, you can expect something really spectacular. This a really great project to be working on and we are all very excited to have a new writer on the team soon.
  5. Scoobysnacks

    Suicide Bomb Tutorial

    Nice tip from mantls, It might be fun to look through the animations and choose a suitable one :) I would look at like this.
  6. Scoobysnacks

    CRG Vector SMG [Alpha]

    Thats some really good feedback, this community is badass. Craig ma boy, looking awesome! I still haven't recieved my scooby hat yet.. must still be in the post, huh?
  7. Really nice work Mikie, i'll be passing this on to friends. I seriously wish I had this guide a long time ago, you explained a couple of things that took me weeks to figure out. Typo, page 9. "....t1.Stratis folder - called int.sqf. "
  8. Scoobysnacks

    ARJay LIB script library

    I just had a quick scan through the files and there is some really useful things in there, I will recommend this library to friends. Great work ARJay.
  9. Scoobysnacks

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    Okay enough tom-foolery, make the gorilla mask!
  10. Scoobysnacks

    Kiory's random hat madness!

    Good job Kiory, I'm still upset :( There must be a way or sorting that anim. The 'flying script' is hilarious.
  11. Scoobysnacks

    Kiory's random hat madness!

    Awesome. I think this is the first time I have seen anything fluffy in arma. We need more fluff.
  12. Scoobysnacks

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    Make the hats compulsory on all multiplayer servers. It's the only way.
  13. Scoobysnacks

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    Now I have to choose sides. There can only be one hat designer.
  14. Scoobysnacks

    Kiory's random hat madness!

    Very efficient of you sir. I'm here for the pirate hat!
  15. Scoobysnacks

    Kiory's random hat madness!

    Are you sure about that link.. lame phising website?