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    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    All is needed 1 attack jet and 2 fighter jets per fraction (Blue and Red). Don't want anyone to get me wrong I respect BIS work, like the aspect of flying... and from ground point of view (probably even better from here) when you fear the sky and the feeling you know...
  2. Marioshata

    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    Do i have to be Major to express my disappointment? Please, don't spam my topic with useless writings. Thank you!
  3. I decided to drop a line and share my disappointment about the insane decision of putting just one fixed wing aircraft in the full game release. I bet this is something you won't get away with and you'll be sorry for as planes make up a huge part of the gameplay experience in the Arma series. Everyone I told about this decided not to buy the game. Even I, long time BIS fan would have never bought it if I knew this earlier, but yeah cover our eyes and drop the bomb at the last straight. As a matter of fact, I bought Arma 3 only for the new "Real Virtuality 4" engine and never liked the futuristic idea behind it (as many like me do). Question is why taking a step back? Where are the tents, mash tents, static weapons, warfare buildings, warfare modules, bicycles, motorcycles, ambulances, camo nets...? Really sad I have to pass Arma 3 to my 10 year old, he will have a lot of fun with the drones as he loves to play with his kite in the open. Sincerely yours (but not anymore): Marioshata
  4. Hey, if someone is interested, I got a server up and running on some missions edited for AiA (like Domination, Teatimes Warfare...). Just type in filter "AiA" or add me to Steam user: "marioshata" if you need help with setting the mod.:bounce3:
  5. The error seems to be on client side. I don't run JSRS mod on server (have disabled the signature verification for addons), only on client as it doesn't make any difference to the server in this situation, I think.
  6. The GAU-8 Avenger the huge 30mm gun mounted on the A-10 plane (or should I say huge plane mounted on that gun :)). Two versions ago it had its default Arma 2 sound on, but as of v13 and v14 no sound comes out when firing. I will report any other problems I come across! Edit: Getting an error when running my server: No entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/AH1Z/Sounds/WindNoiseOut.frequency'. It should be JSRS config related.
  7. Hey kju, I tested almost everything and the JSRS compatibility works like a charm! Thank you for making this possible for me and others and for the lightning fast job that you have done! I also tested the new release without the sound mod and found out that the crash sound is back, but the GAU-8 sound is still missing (haven't found any other so far). Not a problem for me anymore but worth to mention. I will provide feedback if anything pops up.
  8. Sound good :rolleyes:, but i don't want to waste your time friend. Using the last JSRS 1.5 final on default set and my god it's a different game (suggesting everyone should try it). Also want to recall about that strange thing happening when using last AiA version without and with the sound mod. AiA without sound mod = Arma 2 default sounds with some missing. AiA with sound mod = Arma 2 default sounds + some Arma 3 default sounds (probably the ones you defined with the new A3 effects implementation) + the ones from the mod ofc.
  9. Hey kju! Tested last version and there seems to be a problem with sound. When using JSRS 1.5 sound mod with AiA am getting a mash up of sounds from Arma 2, the mod and the ones used from Arma 3. When using without JSRS sound mod the ones used from Arma 3 are not present and only the original Arma 2 ones are on. Also some are missing like the GAU-8 and aircraft crash sound :D (maybe more). If you can add an "AiA_DeactivateA3Sounds.pbo" in future release would be awesome man! P.S. Why so little to none people play this awesome mod? So much fun here. :/
  10. @Trent The vapour trails code is in the pbo of the mod/plane you use, which on the other hand uses the default Arma 2 vapour trails in ca.pbo that haven't been used for some reason. @orlok Lets hope kju can do something about this. I don't know... is theres a way to disable PhysX of ground or something? Really want the land and take off ability. :( The RKSL Studios RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 doesn't seem to have those problems whatsoever!
  11. Tested and the A-10, Su-25 and Su-34 don't seem to work. Something strange going on with the new Arma 3 ground and old jet models. Try for yourself: -In editor add yourself -Add empty plane from the above (F-35b works kinda) -Preview Result: Plane is "glued" to ground and won't budge. However, works great in flying formation with the "player moveInDriver" init line, but not very practical for missions :(. If u can fix that your god man!
  12. Are Arma 2/OA jets playable, please someone tell?
  13. Hello and thanks for the fine work, but does it fix the issue with Arma 2 jets not moving on ground and sinking problems on some models?