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  1. rangerlump

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    dumb question alot of pages to read through. What is the prepare box etc for? and how do I interact with the civilians that say they need more boxes etc. Love this mission!!!!
  2. rangerlump

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    Dumb question: How do I use the fishing net???
  3. rangerlump

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    I just launch it using this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?104991-Tophe-s-ArmA2-Dedicated-Server-Tool-(TA2DST)
  4. rangerlump

    User Mission Request Thread

    Sunken treasure mission. Rafts Sunken crates Maybe sunken wrecks with loot Random spawns so gotta search Maybe add value to loot
  5. rangerlump

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    For me it works with ACE integrated (maybe not the bandaging part) but the BIPODS work
  6. rangerlump

    User mission requests!

    Is there a survival mission that is NOT DayZ or Wasteland? Hunting / fishing / foraging for food water etc. Not looking for zombies, just a requirement to sustain life Every google search results in 100 pages of the previously mentioned.
  7. Dumb question, in SP version, calling support for rearm vehicle, dude tells me negative. I am in a secured LZ that is blue. Anyone know?
  8. rangerlump

    Escape Chernarus (Mission Release)

    I did it fairly easily solo with settings on Recruit, and parameters dropped down as low as possible.
  9. Example, having to find food / water, hunt or fish etc to stay alive?
  10. rangerlump

    User Mission Request Thread

    In light of the "All in Arma" mod, I would REALLY like to see Escape Chernarus ported to A3 =))
  11. rangerlump

    Orienteering Mission

    Love this mission,
  12. prob just crazy weird, works fine after retesting...
  13. Absolutely love these THANK YOU!!!! In Chernarus version respawning at MHQ spawns me in the air without a parachute and i die, (not sure if it takes time for a MHQ to deploy and i just tried too early). PS: Please pplace more 117's in the crate =)))
  14. FYI: On 1.6 final version, there are no ACRE Radios in the crate. Everytime server starts I load in with LEA and dump a crapload in. I LOVE THIS MISSION!!!!!!!!!! PS: Anyway to raise the revive count for people that suck like me?