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  1. I have just started getting back to playing arms 3 and would like to know what is the latest software being used for voice command. I have been using VACSystem in the past and that has not been updated since I last downloaded it a long time ago. I have downloaded most of the DLC with only 3 left to purchase. So any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.
  2. I have read some of the posts and I am still having trouble getting BIS_fnc_UnitCapture working in Arma 3. I was able to get it to work in the Alpha but since then I have not been able to get it to work. So I am wondering whether someone could advise me how to get it working. Will it work in the intro or does it only work in Mission mode as a cutscene. I have watched all the youtube videos on unitcapture and unitplay, however there is no real update to it. the videos say that theres a function module that need to placed on the map, but unfortunately there is no functions module for unitcapture listed, The reason I want to use it, is so that I can get more precise action within my intros which I am trying to develop. I have tried to search unitcapture and unitplay on wiki but to no avail. so any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. I am currently designing an COOP mission, which has opfor as AI. I have the following codes in my description.ext file respawn = base; respawnDelay = 15; I play on the blufor, but when we kill an opfor AI soldier, he respawns, and we cannot end the mission. I only have one respawn marker names Respawn_West in the blufor base. No markers are set in the opfor base. Can someone advise me what I need to do, to make the AI not respawn after being killed. I only want to stop the opfor AI from respawning, while the blufor AI can respawn.
  4. I was watching a youtube tutorial on Dynamic Spawn, stating that I need to put down a skirmish init module and a Dynamic Spawn module and link them. However when I went into the Modules menu I could not find any skirmish init module nor skirmish-spawn module, how they been removed from the editor if so when will they put them back in, or where are they now placed in the editor. Can someone help me with this.
  5. I have tried to search the topic and I have not found anything that really explain in depth what Game Logic is and how it works. I was looking through the Insert Units menu, and found Game Logic, Once I clicked it it had several choices, Location, Objects and Side. I selected objects and it had another list of choices; Base Camp City Outpost Town Village. I wondering if someone can tell me the following; What is Game Logic? How does it work? How do you use it, in designing Missions I also believe its in the Insert module as well. If somone can assist me with this, or direct me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated;
  6. Just wondering if someone can tell how to install addons on a server please, I have just installed an addon on my computer which was simple enough, extracted the zip folder to mydocuments\ARMA 3 Alpha folder, then went into the games options expansion and then enabled it. What is the procedure for a server.
  7. Well due to the issue with not being able to get onto our server and nothing suggested worked, our clan has decided to abandon Arma 3 Altogether. And there has been nothing specific coming out from BI in regards to this issue. The member who owned the server has had enough of not being able to access the server to play missions in multiplayer. Our clan server will end when in August. So unless a real solution is sorted out by then, Our clan will definitely be saying goodbye to Arma 3.
  8. After not playing Arma 3 for several weeks since update 1.18, due to not being able to get connected to the server to play arma 3, I come back on tonight and on the loading screen I get PhysX -> CPU displayed on the left top corner of the screen and it stays there throughout arma 3. Is this a virus or a bug. We have put in several tickets to gameservers.com regarding not being able to access our Arma 3 Server and have not got any real feedback. Posted on the forums, and the advice given, that was acted on did not resolve the issue. A ticket had been put into via the feedback tracker, but to this day I still cannot get on our server to play Arma 3. But the above mention text appearing on the top left corner of the screen is new, and I am wondering whether or not it a bug or a virus. Appreciate if someone could advise me.
  9. HI maxjayvious, I am having the similar problem as yours, can you advise me how you sorted it out.
  10. Ok nothing seems to be working, the server is listed on gamespy as Oceanic Multi Gamers Arma 3 server, which is the hostname in the server.cfg file. Steam server browser list it as " Another gameserver.com hosted server." I have try changing the profile, as suggested about by Terox but still cannot set the server up to do what we want to do it. gameservers.com cannot pinpoint what the issue is, and there are quite a few servers that are having the same problem as me. Our member who is paying for the server cannot understand why we cannot get into the server or change the mission it is running. But I do wish to thank everyone who has given me advice and tried to help me resolve this issue.
  11. Since the 1.18 update and subsequent hotfixes, our server no longer shows a list of Missions to choose from when entering Multiplayer. It is currently set to HeadHunter, where before, it would show a list of mission for both Stratis and Altis. Can anyone advise me on how to get the server to show a list of mission that players can pick please as the owner of the server has forgotten how to do it, and I would like to get it back up and running that way.
  12. I am wondering whether or not someone could help me understand how to uses the Random Patrol in the Modules- Sites. they have two main parameters Group Pool and Waypoint Pool, and I would like to know what data I need to put for these parameters, and what it should do when used ingame. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks Terox for that informations, I am just wondering whether or not I would need to change the server.cfg mission cycle as it states: // MISSIONS CYCLE (see below) class Missions { class ARMA3 { template = MP_COOP_m02.Stratis; // Mission to load (Mission file located in MPMissions. For now I have it set to a default ARMA3 mission.) difficulty = "Regular"; // Server difficulty Settings (Recruit, Regular, Veteran, Mercenary) }; }; As the server.cfg set up the Headhunter mission. Also the reporting ip is set to arma3pc.master.gamespy.com, should that be referring to steam at all.
  14. My server config is set for votemissionplayers =1 alread, and still having the issue. Terox how do I set the -profile. would that be in the server config command line. The server config command line is as follows; -profiles=C:\games\173_199_80_71_2322\984101\arma3\config -config=server.cfg -port=2322 -IP= -world=empty -gtqueryport=9014
  15. My issues it this, on steam it doesnt recognise the hostname of the server, and just show it up as "another GamerServer.com hosted server" and I join it, but in gamespy I can see it listed and now I can join it. So steam see our server named as something else but not what is stated under the hostname in the server.cfg file. So not sure what I need to do to fix this. Also can you tell me, whether the does it matter whether or not the -port is before the -ip or after it. As the -ip shows our servers address and -port shows the correct port for our server. However the qtqueryport is 9014. Anyone know qtqueryport is correct. ---------- Post added at 14:27 ---------- Previous post was at 14:20 ---------- My issues it this, on steam it doesnt recognise the hostname of the server, and just show it up as "another GamerServer.com hosted server" and I join it, but in gamespy I can see it listed and now I can join it. So steam see our server named as something else but not what is stated under the hostname in the server.cfg file. So not sure what I need to do to fix this.
  16. An additional note to my post above, I was able to get it listed in spygame by using remote, but was not able to get into the mission as I would click join, and it just hangs on the stratis map and nothing happens, when on the steam side, I just get connections failed, So I hope it can be fixed, soon. Should I put this issue in the tracker, so it can be look into further.
  17. I have a similar issue, but this only occurred when we got GamerServers.com to update our server. On Steam our server comes up as Another Gameservers.com hosted server with mission set to ARMA 3. and when you go to connect to it, it say connections failed. However when we are spygame, the server show up, but there seems to be no activity at all it just hangs on the map. We have put in a ticket with GamerServers.com hoping to find a solution. The server.cfg file is listed below. So the situation at present is that we cannot connect to our Arma 3 Server, and it been two days since we put in a support ticket with GamerServers.com with no reply. Wonder if anyone knows how to fix the issue or whether we need to put in a support ticket through the feedback tracker. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I have been playing around with Zeus Module to become familiar with it through Arma 3 Editor, I would place a unit on the map and syn the Zeus Game Master Module to it. Then I would preview it. while in the Zeus editor, I was trying to place a house on the map so that the grass would not show through the floor. However everytime I went to adjust the high using LALT it just seem to snap to a position, instead of allowing me to adjust the height of the building. So when I go to adjust the height, I end up with a large number of stairs leading up to the door of the house instead of a couple of steps. Is it possible to make fine adjustments when placing object on the map, or is the placement like a snap to grid action. Would appreciate some advise on this please.
  19. I would like to know whether descriptions of the modules in the Arma 3 editor will be explained on Wiki, As I would like to know what each section of the modules do. Some I managed to learn from using them. But other seem a little overwhelming. I have tried to look for most of the module in wiki, but to no avail. I did come across the Arma 3 Module Framework, however not much useful informations was found there. Is there any where else that I can get the updated information from, if wiki is not going to be updated or do I have to keep asking about each module as I come across it. The lack of informations has holted my creativity, and I would love to have my creativity back again.
  20. Hi EDcase, thankyou for your reply. You assumptions that I had a corrupt profile file, seems to be correct. I copied and deleted the file from the folder, and went back into Arma 3, and everything seemed to work the way it should. Initially I switch to my initial profile I had when I first downloaded arms during the Alpha days, and it seemed to work, fine, then I did what you suggested with my main profile, and now everything seems to work fine. I was worried that I would have to start the campaign all over again from Survive But I am clad I do not have to do that, Thanks for your help much appreciated.
  21. Since update 1.14 my mouse controls dont act the same way. prior to this update, I was able to look around using the mouse and when running I was able to change directions using the mouse. Looking through the control bindings there seems to be alot on binding conflicts with the mouse controls. Aiming is restricted to about 10 degrees left of centre and 10 degrees right of centre view, where before I was able to turn at least 180 degrees, when aiming. What I am trying to do, is return my binding to the way there were prior to these updates. This is what I am wanting to do: 1. Be able to change direction when running using the mouse. [turn left and turn right], this makes for a smoother game play. 2. Be able to aim, with a 180 degree arch. [when aiming be able to position my player to face a target within a 180 degree arc, which at present I cannot do, was able to do it in version 1.12] these are the main control I want to set up. But cannot set it up that way. When I delete the mouse control assigned to aim and look functions, I am able to change directions with my mouse. but loose the functionality of the aim and look functions. Can anyone advise how to overcome this issue. I have lodge a ticket on the feedback tracker. I hope they fix it so I can complete the Adapt compaign part. My mouse is a Razer Naga 2012.
  22. Thankyou for your reply, I disabled freelook and unfortunately It didnt do anything. Still having the restriction of movement with the mouse. I am wondering if its an issue with my mouse, and try another mouse, and see if that fixes the problem up. But at the moment I cant play arma 3 until I can sort out why it not working.
  23. thdman1511

    Issues getting tools set up

    I had the similar issue with the tutorial, set up the bat file, no P drive present. As the new tools dont require the P drive anymore I put in the address where the directory is. However when I run oxygen put in the required details for the configuration, and try fun buldozer I get an error message " External Viewer: unable to create viewer" So I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can someone explain how to set it up without having the P drive present or at least direct me to a youtube video.
  24. Interesting solution, so will all the objects need to be named to work with this initialisation code. As my base script has 4 hangers so would I need to name each hanger or will it just use the classnames. ---------- Post added at 11:38 ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 ---------- after reading other post here, will this coding work on altis.
  25. I am not sure whether I have asked this question before, if so I am sorry for asking it again. I have created a script that creates a base (using Object Placement tools). However these objective are not included in the editor. The script works in the editor, only via preview you can see the objects. Is there way of getting these object shown on the editors map. I have researched wiki and the I really didnt see anything other than showneweditorobject. I would appreciate any assistance that members can give.