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  1. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    once you done with 74,can you consider doing takistan ? it's better than chernarus for me because it's less laggy plus something new :>
  2. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    any plans to add some sort of blueprints ? let's say... extracted from a dead body of commanders of Resistance,or from crates in the center of the town ? so you can build British Armed Forces and Private Military Company tech ?
  3. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    well,to discus i really need to see how it will be in practice. words doesn't really shows how it works in game.
  4. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    yea...very thoghtful...let 3 man buy launcher,get your town captured by single rambo. no one buying AT,get your town captured by single rambo tank.... so NO.
  5. Markuz

    Headless Host

    is it possible to host server on headless client (for saving/resuming purposes) ? and how to ? i want to host Benny Edition server with it(for LAN multilayer) cuz for some reason arma is crashing,CDT or freeze after 30min -1 hour of gameplay (from the start it can go 4 hours non stop,but as game progress it starting to go worse and worse to the point where it's just not fun anymore)
  6. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    make headless client automatically present(teleport or whatever) in battles as NEUTRAL or ANIMAL(so it wont waste team slots),so it wont die (point of HC if it's not near battles) btw,not "endless reviving" but "endless Mission Receiving" (stupid typos correction) PS: i have some errors pooping up (script error enabled) regarding town defenses. (in 72 and 73(72 i'm playing with friends,and 73 solo)) plus i have "defend" mission in one of the town where is NO ENEMIES,or at leas i,or 60 vehicles and all of A.I. squads patrolling the area didn't found. thus making huge load on my server by spawning those 60 vehicles ,and now this town is more like vehicles junkyard than a town. and last: my friend after sometime started to spawn at HQ with default gear every time i resume the game. in 73 trying to unflip tank(or any other vehicle) PSS:i find there are too much $ in 73 compare to 72. commander have 2K per min only from 5 towns (with large amount of towns he can sponsor whole team with tanks,helicopters and whatnot). 72 more tactical and you need to think on what to spend and when,in 73 you don't need to think about money at all,only Supply.
  7. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    73 have some srs issues. as stated above,72 is WAY faster and i didn't encounter FPS drop so far,which 73 had. 73 also have "endless Mission Receiving" problem on connection (my friend had it). so with this and FPS drop i degrade to 72 which is ok so far (except he now start to spawn at HQ with default weapons after 4 hours of play every time i restart and resume the game) also we had some problems with map marker (double click that creating black X) at some point (i believe it started when my friend begin to spawn at base with default weapons) stop showing on my or his map if someone of us created it (if he created it,i can't see it and vice versa). also UPSMON is spamming my lift corner of monitor with erros,that UPSMON don't have patrol points or somtn (don't remember correct error) PS: arma 2 (just arma,no mods,no addons) 1.11 PSS: is there some keys or somtn,that change between commander squad controls and your own squad ? i'd like ro request a FEATURE: spawn Headless Client as a neutral OR single defender unit at the A.I. camp. if possible where shooting is in progress :D
  8. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    2.037 upgrade button was greyed out PS: i just got most retarded A.I. decision LOLD and raged at the same time...i as commander was killed by wannabe shooter from my A.I. team just because i ride neutral car,then he blowed it (yes,HE aimed at me,and killed me b4 blowing it) btw,73 is WAY laggier than 72. in 72 i could play for 6 hours without lags and whatnot (only CTDs few times),but in 73 game start lagging after 40min+ of playing and lags only increasing to that point where i playing turn based arma and req restart.
  9. Markuz

    Warfare BE

    hmm...i just can't understand how to setup upgrades... if i enable them,they will be ALL MAXED OUT from the start,if i disable them THEY CAN'T BE UPGRADED AT ALL wtf ? start a new MP with max $ and S and upgrades was available,but in the first game not. :\
  10. is it possible to change parameters in "ongoing" MPMission ? for example: i didn't know what exactly one of the params means,then it turned out,that i should enable/disable it (reasons doesn't matter). restarting a mission at that point isn't really an option (playing it for 6 hours just restart it because of one param. that breaking any fun at that point ?no,thank you.) if it is,then how to ?:eek: