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    Can't add my server to OFP_Monitor servers list

    I just checked my server is actually NOT reachable by -connect command. As my primary purpose was being able to play with my friend, I thought the only way to make him see my server was to make it public and make it report to OFPMonitor list. As long as he can reach my server, it is fine for me because we would like to play for some kind of beta-testing my MP missions. So actually I may not strictly need reporting my server to masterserver but I do really appreciate your support because it helps me figuring out how it works. Actually I am more oriented to keep it private for the reasons explained before. However, the way you explained me reportingIP made me understand better this parameter: if I understood correctly, reportingIP reveals the presence of my server to the masterserver - which seems to be a "container" of all servers hosted from every user in the world revelead by this command - therefore the masterserver should be able to show up my server in that OFPMonitor list. This is actually not happening when I put 213.XX.XXX.XX value in my server cfg file but, for the moment, it's ok. I just wonder how is possible my friend found me after lot of trial & error times, then... I just opened these ports too and this evening I hope I will be able to make a longer test and submit results to you all. Last time, I was short on time to perform a good server testing. I just made my friend come in and have a quick play for about 5 mins. UPDATE (14th of February, 2016): my friend and me had a 3-hours-lasting MP experience with poor lag at times. I definitely consider my purpose done: being able to play in my own dedicated server together with a friend over the net. Showing server to OFP Monitor was not the final purpose but just a mean to get it. Now, I am satisfied as everything seems to be okay. Just for those users who are still unable to play in a private server, here are my settings: shortcut in desktop for server launching: "...\Cold War Assault\ColdWarAssault.exe" -server -port=2304 -config=server.cfg TCP/UDP internal and external ports 2234 and 2235 forwarded as well as port ranging 2302-2400 all clients should connect to server, via OFP internal multiplayer menu, by setting up "Socket" implementation and clicking in "Remote" button where they need to input public IP of the server and port number 2304. server cfg file with empty string after "reportingIP"
  2. Hello everyone, I am very devoted fan of Cold War Assault since 2001 and, since then, I spent lot lot lot of time playing missions, creating with editor, enjoying mods... Now, there is still something I'd like to figure out... Since Gamespy shutted down, OFP_Monitor seems to be the only way for playing MP. Me and friend of mine would like to play on a private server, just for us. My question is: how can I add my server to the list shown in OFP_Monitor so that my friend can see me and join it? I can create server with proper cfg files and I can run ColdWarAssault_server.exe file to start running my dedicated server (I can see and connect in game)... I also tried setting "reportingIP" param in cfg file both with my public IP address and default OFP_Monitor master server... I tried to make my friend start game with "-connect= myip" param in CWA desktop shortcut... I tried all combos between DirectPlay/Socket/Internet/Lan... 2302 port forwarded in host computer and firewall allowed in all computers... I tried everything I could think of and read in forums, wikias, google searches... Still I can't get my friend connect to my server... Dunno what I am doing wrong... Do you mind giving me a bit of your knowledge?
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    Can't add my server to OFP_Monitor servers list

    I performed some more experimenting with server cfg file and I finally figured out how to create private server in order to play with my friend in Internet. I left reportingIP= parameter of the server cfg file in blank and, in addition to that, I forwarded UDP ports 2303 and 2304 as akvadakar kindly suggested. I consider this issue solved now. Thank you all for your attention!
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    Can't add my server to OFP_Monitor servers list

    First of all, many thanks for supporting me! I made a very small server.cfg file accordingly to the info provided in this post and I edited some entries as following: First, I run a server shortcut with following parameters: "ColdWarAssault.exe -server -config=dh_server.cfg" to make sure it loads my server file. Then, I run CWA and I can actually connect to my dedicated server (i.e. I can read my welcome message) and this works both with Socket and DirectPlay implementation (just by adding -dplay to the server shortcut) and "Address: LAN" mode. However, if I put "Address: Internet" mode, it doesn't work and CWA freezes for some seconds (I guess this is somehow related to GameSpy shutted down). As I said in the previous post, I made some experiments. I tried changing "reportingIP" value from OFPMonitor master server to my public IP address. Still my friend cannot see my server. Then I asked my friend to run his game with -connect= my ip parameter. Still my friend cannot see my server. And my server never wanted to appear in OFPMonitor server list anyway. Not sure what do you mean with this. However, I checked again my router setting. It shows I forwarded only UDP 2302 port and get this value both for "external" and "internal" port. Now, I added another entry with UDP 2303 port. Just wonder... Are there any relevant differences between "external" port and "internal" port in order to host a game? One more note about port forwarding: my friend doesn't have his port forwarded. Does it matter playing as a client? I guess not but I would like to get a confirmation.
  5. Hello, I would like to thank developer for his patch because it is very useful: as previously written, having basically two copies of the same game installed on PC just for sake of being able to play online is quite annoying... Thank to this patch this issue got fixed! :)